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Society is full of misconceptions about foster care. There are assumptions about why people choose to become foster parents, what types of kids come into foster care, and which type of people lose custody of their children. This blog is a resource for learning the truth about those topics, as well as discovering what daily life is like for all people involved in a foster situation. In other words, these are the “here’s and there’s” of foster care.

About Whitney Cummings

In her own words:

Whitney Cummings

During the day, I try to keep two tiny people from licking electrical sockets or filling the toilet with random objects. At night, I disappear into the land of writing. I blog about the world around me, create stories about people I’ve made up in my head, and blurt out inappropriate thoughts on Facebook. But most of the time, I just sit in my pajamas and think about all the work I’m not accomplishing. I am so excited to share my journey through authorhood with all of you! — Whitney

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