The Foster-Care-to-Prison Pipeline

I'm about to throw some statistics at you that will make you feel really unsettled about the outcomes for foster kids in America. My husband is in school to become a counselor, and he shared these statistics with me after a recent research project...


Foster/Adoptive Kids Who “Shop” for New Parents

My foster daughter loves our family and genuinely doesn't want to be in any other home. But literally everywhere we go, she says, "I wish I lived here."

Or, "I wish I lived with them."

Sometimes, she even asks people, "Can I move in with you?" She pretends like she's joking, but considering the fact that she does it with every family we meet, I think she's only party joking.

She watches adults in a way...


11 Myths That Cause People NOT to Foster

Foster homes are in short supply around the United States, but families aren't stepping forward to help. Why is that? For the most part, it's because of false statistics people have come to believe about foster care.

It's time to clear some of those...