Dan Fries

The phrase “Food is Medicine” dates back to Ancient Greece. Hippocrates, often considered the father of medicine in the West, believed that healthy, clean food was the cornerstone of physical and mental health. A proponent of food-based therapy, Hippocrates was one of the first known physicians to strongly advocate nutrition-based treatment over drugs.

Today, nearly 2500 years later, we are seeing the results of such treatment. Americans today are one of the most-medicated societies in human history, and yet the most anxious, depressed and generally unhealthy. But things are changing. More people are waking up to the advantages of lifestyle and nutrition changes as a means to return to health. As it turns out, Hippocrates was far ahead of his time.

Daniel Fries is an entrepreneur and writer, and leading proponent of the “Food is Medicine” movement. He is the co-author of three highly-cited papers in the field of translational oncology research.

Dan’s diverse background includes positions as a research associate at OSI Pharmaceuticals, an associate scientist at Medtronic Cardiovascular, and research scientist at both the Michigan Center for Translational Pathology and the Meyerson Lab at Dana Farber of Harvard Medical School.

To learn more about Dan and his current research you can visit his website, Corpina Nootropics.

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