High Sugar Intake May Be Linked to Increased Risk of Mental Illness

Are your sweet treats giving you the blues? According to researchers from the UCL (University College London), they very well might be.

A recent study they conducted has found a substantial association between sugar consumption and depression among men. The results of the study point to men with the highest intake of sugar having a 23% increased chance of suffering a common mental affliction after five years.

Perhaps what is most interesting about the study in question is the fact that there were over 7,000...

Coconut Oil

Why I’m Still Eating Coconut Oil

According to an advisory notice that was recently issued by the AHA, Americans need to lower the amount of saturated fat in our diets in order to prevent cardiovascular disease.

While that is fairly common knowledge, this advisory included coconut oil in the list of oils that should be avoided, despite years of anecdotal evidence the coconut oil is quite healthy.

This seems to be a case where the AHA report is misguided.

The American Heart Association is responsible for the issuance of the recent presidential...


Poor Sleep Linked to Alzheimer’s: Here Are 6 Foods That Could Help

A recent study revealed that sleep loss might be tied to Alzheimer's.

The study, published in the journal Neurology, looked at the sleep cycles of 101 subjects with an average age of 63.

Researchers found a correlation between poor sleep quality and increased spinal fluid. Spinal fluid levels are a known early indication of Alzheimer's disease.

To ensure the study's accuracy, researchers took into account various genetic factors, such as a family history of Alzheimer's disease or the presence of the ApoE gene, both of which...


The New Connection Between Depression and Our Gut

Despite commonly-held beliefs in the medical and psychological community, new research shows that depression starts in the gut, not in the brain.

That statement will probably raise plenty of eyebrows, but recent studies have indicated that it's likely true.

For a long time, we've thought of depression as a disease of the mind, but it turns out its roots might start elsewhere: in your stomach.

These revelations are an exciting new advancement for the treatment of depression; they may even prevent a way...