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Body Image

Which Celebrities Make You Feel Good About Your Body?

Does Katy Perry have good body image?  That is, does she have positive feelings about her body, and generally perceive little difference between how she actually looks, and how she would ideally like to look (the rubric by which body image is frequently measured)? What about other stars who wear little and reveal much?  Kim Kardashian, for example.  Does she love her body?

I got to thinking about whether we can discern someone’s body image after reading a post...
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Should You Take Your Kids Out to Eat?

If you have young children, you know that taking them out to eat requires a lot of patience and humor and napkins.

Some parents chose to forgo this experience altogether by leaving the kids at home when eating involves a menu and a waiter.  Not me.

It’s not that I enjoy the disapproving glances of other patrons; it’s not that I like getting down on my knees, sheepishly, to pick up half-eaten pieces of bread, broken crayons...
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Can You Give Your Kids a Phobia?

I have a thing about spiders.  I didn’t grow up having any particular thoughts about them, other than the vague notion that they were benign or even helpful (Charlotte’s Web was great for spider PR).

In those days, my high tolerance for critters was probably due to the fact that I spent so much time in the arroyos near my house, which put me in proximity to things like lizards, horny toads (yes, this is what...
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Body Image

For Some, Exercise May Not Provide Expected Benefits

In last week’s New York Times Magazine, Gretchen Reynolds described a Finnish study on the body’s responsiveness to exercise, or, as the case may be, lack of responsiveness.  Surprisingly, some of the study’s 175 participants showed no improvement in cardiovascular fitness subsequent to a 21-week regimen in exercise endurance, and others failed to increase strength after doing weight training for the same duration.  Further, there were those who completed both regimens but showed no improvement whatsoever.

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