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In-Laws Driving You Crazy? Mad at Your Partner? Tips to Help

They say that when you marry somebody, you also marry his or her family. And while you love and adore your honey-bunny, you might not have hand-picked your  mother-in-law.
Having a baby or small children can increase stress on the relationship with in-laws, especially during special occasions like holidays, birthdays and anniversaries when parents want to be with their adult children and grandchildren....
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Bringing Sexy Back into Motherhood

“Don’t you like my big boobs?”, said my client to her husband with a playful smile as they sat on my couch in couples therapy. “When I look at your breasts now, I think of the baby breastfeeding. That is not a turn-on,” he responded flatly to his beautiful wife.
Her face looked stung with rejection and then silent tears streamed down her flushed cheeks. She longed for the...
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Is the Sleep Deprivation of Infancy Straining Your Relationship? Tips to Help

“Excuse me, but I feel like I hate you.” This is what a client reported saying to her husband after waking him from a deep sleep at 3 She had been up breastfeeding their newborn every two hours and dealing with their sick toddler while her husband tried to get a decent night’s sleep before an important day at the office. Unfortunately, this relationship scenario is...
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First Comes Love: Making Your Relationship Work When Baby Makes 3

I remember the day our then 12-year relationship changed. I was 5-months pregnant with Celeste, the first of our two amazing daughters (now ages 11 & 8). I was nauseous, emotional and fatigued. I saw in my husband’s eyes that there was no way he could understand how I that he feared I had become a dramatic, hypochondriacal lunatic. He just wanted to get out with his friends and I was feeling uncharacteristically needy....
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