Child Discipline – One Size Does Not Fit All

All you have to do is Google "child discipline" and you'll find tons of websites and advertisements about managing your child's behavior.  There are countless choices and many make some pretty strong claims.  So what's the truth here? Is there really a child discipline program that can turn your child's behavior around 180 degrees?

Let me give you my credentials for speaking on the subject.  I'm a mom of three girls under the age of...


Parenting Mistakes Are Usually Survivable and Forgivable

If I could go through just one day with my kids without making a parenting mistake - what a day that would be!  No grouchiness in the morning, the right answer to their curious question after school, the ideal mood at bedtime to induce cooperation and quick slumber.  , no, and no.  Where did I go wrong, and can I
salvage their childhoods?

There is no such thing as a perfect parent - don't even go...


Children Behave Differently Without Siblings Around

Yes, the title seems like a statement from Captain Obvious.  But really, it's a truth that is easy to forget.  Many of us have a whirlwind of children spinning around us each day.  Together, they often make up the perfect storm of whining, complaining, conspiracies of who did what to whom, and loud voices.  Calgon,
where's my Calgon commercial??  Please take me away right now!

But, when these darling offspring of ours become a temporary only...


Marital Separation and Divorce Can Affect Kids For Years

Healthy family dynamics help keep kids and parents running on the right track.  Parents are in charge, kids follow until they leave the nest.  Parents take care of parent issues, kids come to parents and don't run the show.  That is, until a divorce or long separation takes place.

When this happens, the family dynamics can get all turned around.  An oldest son might be expected to be the "man" of the family for a...


How To Guarantee A Stressful Day For The Whole Family

Yesterday was Wednesday, which for me means "taxi mom".  Yeah, I know a lot of you moms AND dads out there know what that is.  Constant frantic driving back and forth all across town, breaking up your day, evening, or weekend into practically unusable chunks of time.  Dads, many of you do your share, too.
Take a look at my genius move, folks.  Wednesdays in my life are absolutely...


Postpartum Depression: What Would Have Made The Difference?

Today I am officially throwing my post in the ring for the postpartum depression blogging week.  There's a great post by Dr. Grohol on the main blog, and several other postpartum depression  advocates have been writing some really good stuff so far this week.  I've read many of the responses to these posts, some supportive and some in opposition.  I'd like to share some of my own thoughts on this, especially what might have...


Discoveries About My Postpartum Depression Years Later

Today I came across an article by Susan Dowd Stone, reproductive mental health expert.  The article was about the myths of postpartum depression that keep moms from getting help.  I thought I knew what I would be reading, but I was wrong.  I got a surprise.

It started out describing depictions of postpartum moms on popular TV shows.  Not all of these were positive or accurate.  She went on to wonder how these shows could...


Family Mental Health Blog – Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello!  I'm Erika, and I'm excited to be writing to you on my new blog.  I'm not completely new to Psych Central readers.  I've written a few long articles and had some blog posts on the World of Psychology blog since the beginning of 2009.

As somber as some of the topics are on this website, writing for Psych Central has been a lot of fun.  I often "think out loud," which means...