Teen Drug and Alcohol Addiction Support Resources

According to the CDC, teen drug and alcohol use is generally in decline. While that may be good news, many of these decreases have only happened in recent years. Teen addiction is still a huge problem in both rural and urban areas today. For many types of drugs and alcohol use has remained the same. No matter what the patterns are, thousands of teen...


The Impact of Helicopter Parents on Child Development

You've probably read articles on helicopter parents. In fact, I've already written about helicopter parents at least once. But I found an article via a friend's Facebook page that put things in a different perspective. Kids who have helicopter parents tend to miss important developmental milestone that support independent living skills.

OK, think about that. How many self-care tasks can your child do on their own, such as folding...

Family Mental Health Quick Tips

Be A Better Parent in Just Five Minutes

Being a better parent sounds like a massive undertaking, doesn’t it? In order to change things you need to take a class, or read a handful of books, or just spend a lot of time figuring it out. I say you can do this without nearly so much hassle.

One of the reasons people don’t change habits is their perception of the task. They see their...


Celebrity Sports Heroes –Telling Big Fibs To The World

Wow, last week was a tough one to be a celebrity sports figure with a compelling backstory. Lance Armstrong, widely known for his Tour de France wins and Livestrong Foundation, just admitted to cheating and making accusations against innocent people. Manti Te’o is just sorting out his own kerfuffle about his girlfriend. He was an inspiration to his Notre Dame football teammates as he played...


Mental Illness, Tragedy, and a Big Slippery Slope

Just about every day you hear how we need to " do something" about gun violence, especially how it relates to the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. Ideas have included armed guards at school, tighter gun control laws, some involvement with mental illness (more screenings, possibly a registry, etc.), restrictions on ammunition, and more. President Obama just made a public announcement yesterday about his plans regarding...


Inside the Depressed Mind

One of the more frequently read posts on the Family Mental Health blog is PMDD Hard to Endure Harder to Explain. I know many of you who have experienced any form of depression can find it difficult to describe what it's like inside your mind. Your fears about people believing you can be overwhelming. Plus, you may not feel like words come easily...

Arts and Culture

Enjoy The Holidays – Helping Yourself And Others

I found a few practical helpful articles that I'd like to share with you about mental illness and the holidays, dealing with death at the holidays, and simple ways to enjoy the holidays. We all have different needs throughout the year and these tend to get highlighted during the holidays. Hope you find some good takeaways here.

Helping Someone With Mental Illness Through The Holidays...


Mental Health Stigma – Mixed Signals

photo credit: Lynn Kelley Author

It occurred to me after writing my earlier post Newtown Connecticut Shooting and Mental Health Its Time To Talk that social stigma is a slippery thing. I felt it might be helpful to clear up a few things about mental health and violence...