Schizophrenia in Children

When you think of someone hallucinating and hearing voices from schizophrenia, you probably imagine an adult or older teenager. It's not common, but schizophrenia does affect about 1 in every 10,000-30,000 children.

While it's common for children to have imaginary friends or think about fantasy worlds, they also understand that these friends and places are not real. These thoughts and images do not interfere with a child's...


Untreated Depression During Pregnancy – Part 2

This week I'm highlighting recent expert opinions on untreated depression during pregnancy. My post a few days ago highlighted a research paper stating that anti-depressants generally "do not provide clinically meaningful benefit to women with depression."

While a strongly disagree with that position, I am impressed by the number of non-medication therapies that are being researched or have already shown benefits for women with depression.

And now we...


Untreated Depression in Pregnant Women – Hot Discussion Among Researchers

Untreated depression during pregnancy is not well-recognized and is certainly under-treated. The risks of letting perinatal depression go untreated can extend beyond pregnancy itself. While there is no gold standard treatment that most experts endorse, there is certainly a lot of discussion going on.

A research article was published in the scholarly journal Human Reproduction in January, 2013. It is a detailed examination of...


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Kids and Teens

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a serious mental health condition that often goes undiagnosed in children for years. Many kids suffer in silence because they can't always control their thoughts and behaviors. If OCD develops while a child is in elementary school, they will do a lot to conceal their rituals so no one discovers their secret.

You may think of Obsessive-Compulsive...

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Parenting Trends – Are You In or Are You Out?

I'm not a really trendy person in general. In fact, you might call me pretty square. As a parent, trends have certainly surrounded me. However, I often found myself falling into the same rut. Or, perhaps I just followed my own trend with great consistency?

I'm sure many of you have found yourself in a parenting rut, I mean "your own parenting trend". Sometimes it's interesting to stick your...