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Postpartum Depression – What Moms Really Want

posptartum depression hopePostpartum depression can rob the life out of a mother without her understanding what’s happening.  It comes when mothers are most vulnerable. No mother should have to go through this hell, especially when she has a brand new life depending on her.

If I could just “fix” it, I would.  I’d snap my fingers and send depression on its way, leaving no trace of shame or despair behind.  Unfortunately, it often takes some real discomfort (and some time) to really put a finger on the problem.

Moms don’t want to believe things are really that bad.  They don’t want to be seen as bad mothers or as someone who’d be a danger to their baby.  Family members don’t always know what’s going on or how (or even if) they should try to help.

With the right help, a mom with postpartum depression can get better.  It may take a while before they feel like they can function and feel resilient, but it can happen.  Until then, these women often feel like they’re wandering in the wilderness of their mind.

Do you know what moms with postpartum depression really want?

They want to know things can be OK (even if it doesn’t feel like that now).  They want to really trust someone telling them it won’t be awful forever.  They want someone to believe what they say.  They want hope.

So whether you are a mom who feels like this or you care about a mom in this situation, you don’t have to have the entire answer at your fingertips.  You need to get help right away, but a healthy dose of hope is also important.

To give real hope you need to share encouraging words, take consistent quick action, and be as available as possible for support.  A mom with postpartum depression feels so unsettled, and your steady presence can be a solid foundation for her.  She’ll need to borrow your strength until she can rebuild her own.

There’s hope for every mom with postpartum depression.  For support and information, contact Postpartum Support International by following this link. (click highlighted link)

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Postpartum Depression – What Moms Really Want

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP is a practicing licensed mental health counselor in Nebraska.

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