Parenting Advice Double Scoop

Hello everyone!  Today you’re getting a double scoop of parenting advice articles.  I found it a little amusing that these articles both came to my attention in the same week.  And realistically, you may still find elements of these articles you don’t agree with.  Such is the case with any advice, right?

Still, advice is something we parents are bound to receive and it’s good to get new information now and then.  By the end of both articles, I hope you feel well-equipped to take in the good advice and gracefully deal with the stuff that annoys you.

How To Handle Annoying Parenting Advice

We’ve all been here as parents – the stranger who can’t help but offer their two cents, the overly cautious family member who fusses a little too much.  Learning how to manage advice from others is just another part of the parenting gig.

What I really like about this article is that some of the parents describe their personal growth as a parent regarding the advice they got.  Some understood they needed to let things slide, and others learned to understand their advice givers better.

“What I Wish Parents Knew” From Various Professionals

I’ve seen a few of these “What I Wish Parents Knew” articles before, and they usually have at least a few unexpected answers.  I wouldn’t say that anything here is a real shock.  However, I like how some of these nuggets are things I don’t think about on a regular basis.  More of a “Hmm, I see how that makes sense. It’s good to have it said clearly.”

I also like how many pieces of advice here encourage some room for mistakes and personal space for the child.  Overall, I think this article emphasizes the foundations of good parenting and learning how to release unnecessary pressure on your kids.  All in all, good things to strive for as a parent.

Readers, what are your thoughts on these articles?

Creative Commons License photo credit: marc0047