Greetings, readers. I hope you are surviving the heatwave this week.

I owe one of my readers a post today.  Tom asked several weeks ago about more resources on sibling bullying. He commented on my bullying between siblings post and wanted more information.

I apologize for the delay, but I did find some interesting information. Sibling bullying can easily be mistaken for sibling rivalry, so it probably happens more often than people suspect. Take a close look at each of these resources and make sure you know what’s going on in your family.


Dr. Oguntala has a medical clinic in the San Francisco area where she focuses on difficult teen issues. She has three key recommendations for dealing with sibling bullying. No doubt, she has made these recommendations many families in her care and audience members are speaking engagements.


What a find this was. This website lists four books that specifically address sibling bullying. For any of you wanting to explore this topic in depth and get some real strategies, copy these titles and head to the bookstore.


This blogger notes a recent research article highlighting the characteristics of sibling bullying. She also compares this research to her own family experiences. This personal look at sibling bullying may strike a chord with you.

Tom, and the rest of you wonderful readers, I hope this helps you.  Please share any other resources or suggestions you know of on sibling bullying.

Stay cool out there, folks.

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