Setting Financial Boundaries With Your Children

As a parent, you want to help your kids. You also need to plan ahead for your own financial needs. You'll find some great advice in this financial article I found on Yahoo news. But here's the thought I had running through my mind the entire time I read it - the title of this article is really missing something.

Breastfeeding Stigma Still Lingers

I always thought I would breastfeed my children, even long before they were born. It turns out I had a few unexpected challenges, but nothing that stopped me from doing the best I could. I thought I had seen trends of improved acceptance for what I was doing. My coworkers seemed OK with it. I saw some articles in the newspaper about moms being proud about their breastfeeding. So many friends of mine and moms in my family were breast feeders as well.

We’re All Still Growing Up

A couple of nights ago, one of my daughters asked me a question about the trouble she'd had with her sisters that day. She said quietly, "Mommy, why do we fight so much?" Just another day in the life of a kid with a sibling (or two).