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Archives for March, 2011


Babies With Depression – Is It Possible?

Last week I caught part of an article in Time Magazine called "Small Child, Big Worries." It focuses on a diagnostic manual developed by a non-profit child advocacy group called "Zero To Three."  It has descriptions of many major mental health disorders that afflict older children, teens, and adults.  This manual has been around for years, with a most recent revision done in...
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Making The Junior High Transition

Last night I went to a parent information meeting for middle school for my oldest daughter.  Geez, how time flies.  And yes, I know most people don't call it junior high anymore.  It's middle school, but I expect to be corrected a lot by all my girls.  Some old habits are just a little tough to change.

Mom Adjusting To Daughter's New Experiences

I have a challenge, along with simply accepting that...
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Family Mental Health Quick Tips

Getting Through Family Pain

Hello everyone,

I'm so glad to get comments from readers, on both newer and older posts.  In fact, some of the most frequently read and commented-on posts are ones about difficult problems and unresolved family pain.  Let's talk about this for a moment.

Some good news. So many people endure and live meaningful lives while also having a history of deep family pain.  Ongoing conflict, abandonment by parents,...
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