potty trainingIf you have followed this blog for a while, you may recall a post I had about your experience with potty training.  I’m thankful that my potty training days are finally behind me.  However, there were some fun moments and methods through that time.  I’ll share a few with you now.

Cartoon Potty Time

I tried this out with my first one.  I put the little potty chair in front of the TV and had her sit on it with no bottoms.  Ideally, I’d just given her a big cup of juice or other drink right before – or she’d just finish it when she sat down.

The idea was that she’d sit there long enough to accidentally let go while watching TV.  This seemed to help because it wasn’t “all about going potty” for a while. This worked well for everyone.  When timed right, we got pretty good results.  Low stress for me and them.  None of them took to long to get trained and this method gave us some variety.

The Potty Watch

My youngest didn’t really respond to this or most other methods I tried.  One thing that kind of worked was something called a potty watch.  It was even shaped like a little potty!  It played songs at certain intervals to remind your child that it was time to go.

My daughter just didn’t want to stop what she was doing.  When she finally got the hang of her daily routine, the potty watch was a good thing.  Later, we upgraded to a child-sized buzzing alarm watch.  That was most helpful in pre-school and Kindergarten.  Staying on schedule was the most helpful thing through it all.

Potty Training – The Key For Parents

What I really had to learn was to accept the differences in my children.  I had to get over the idea that I was a failure at the entire thing and see it as a puzzle to be solved.  I had to get creative and embrace a different way of working with my youngest.  Also, I developed an enormous amount of patience along the way.

Have you tried some fun unusual methods to potty train your kids?

Photo by CarbonNYC, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.