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As parents, we all think we are doing basically the right thing with our kids.  But have you ever wondered what your teachers really want from you?  I’ve found several lists of insights from teachers and I thought I’d share.

Make Sure Your Kids Get a Good Night Of Sleep

I did a post not long ago about adolescents not getting enough sleep and I was astounded at the stats.  I think nearly 30% don’t get nearly enough sleep to function well at school.  And certainly, some elementary and middle school kids have trouble with this as well.  It’s good to know from teachers how much this really affects a kid’s day.

What You Do After School Matters

After school activities can be helpful.  Also, one list suggests that you read to your kids more than once a day.  Kids today are subject to a lot more standardized testing than your parents or even you might have done.  They may need more guidance than you expect to keep on track with educational benchmarks.

It has helped for us to get a list of the words my first grader needs to know by the next standardized test.  She was behind in the early part of the school year, and now she is doing much better because of our regular reviews.

Come Around, Don’t Be A Stranger

Stay involved with your child’s learning process, even if you don’t know much about the material being taught.  If you can do it, volunteering is a great way to get to know the teachers and the students in your kid’s class.

Eating lunch with your child is another way to stay in touch with the school environment.  And if you need to speak to a teacher, schedule something in advance so they have plenty of time to talk with you (rather than showing up unannounced).

More Ideas Welcome

There are so many more interesting comments on the lists below.  Please check them out and give me your feedback.  I’ve learned a few things here myself.  If anyone else has other ideas for parents helping teachers, please add in the comments!


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