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Archives for December, 2010


Child Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Anxiety disorders are the number one mental health issue in America today.  Many children go through months and even years of undiagnosed (or improperly diagnosed) anxiety problems.  Since some of the symptoms are behavioral, parents or other adults that don't understand the full range of symptoms can miss a major problem. 
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Depression At The Holidays

It's the time for decorations, holiday meals, and wrapped presents.  So what's wrong?  It could be nothing, it could be everything.  Depression is more common than you might think at the holidays.  If you or someone in your family has a history of depression, you might see some of the typical symptoms popping up.

Depression can even affect someone who's never...
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Telling Your Family Stories

Yesterday was my middle daughter's birthday and I'm reminded of a little ritual we do together.  Every time my kids' birthdays roll around, we start telling stories. Of course, I'm the one who tells the story of the birthday girl's actual birth.  Sometimes the sisters chime in with something they remember about a birthday last year or a story they've heard...
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Cyber Bullying – Parents Try To Fight Back

Bullying has been around as long as people have learned to wield power over each other.  It's not news in the fact that we're surprised it happens.  However, with the information age upon us, education and information about bullying doesn't seem to be diminishing the problem.

In fact, electronic communication has simply become a new medium for an old problem.

Bullying - An Old Problem With...
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How Soon Do You Start Child Discipline?

I recently meandered through a parenting message board and found a good question.  At what age do you start disciplining your young child? While it may be a simple question, the answer does require some explanation.

Don't Start Too Soon

First, it really depends on the developmental stage of your child.  Between their first birthday and about 18 months, a child can start to understand...
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