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Low Stress School Routines – Get Going In The Morning

School Morning Routine

The morning brings a new day with new opportunities.   You can’t predict what the day will hold, but you can get your family off to a great start.

Common Pitfall – Too much rushing around

The morning hour is the launchpad for your kids’ school day.  Often, this critical time of the day is stressful and full of crankiness.  Lost school papers, iffy breakfast, no clean clothes, and pressure to make it on time.  How can you get out of the rushed-morning rut?

Solutions – Like the first two routines, your mornings will benefit from some planning.  But since the morning comes first thing in the day (don’t I wish it came later!), your morning success actually starts the night before.

  • Breakfast – Each person’s gastrointestinal needs are different, but kids simply do better in school when they have something in their stomach from the get-go.  If you have a kid who doesn’t feel hungry the first minute they wake up, set their routine to do other things first as their hunger emerges.  Have a good selection of things on hand, including food they can get themselves.
  • Picking out clothes – If there’s one thing I dread it’s waking up and discovering you have no clean pants/socks/shirt.  Get a habit of picking out clothes the night before so you have a chance to handwash or fix something the night before.  Then each person is ready to get dressed according to their personal routine in the morning.  A side benefit is that they can become much more empowered with making their clothing choices and dressing themselves. My best tip is to have the kids start out dressed from the very beginning.  If the whole rest of the morning falls off the track, at least nobody is still in their pajamas when you have to leave the house.
  • Bags packed up before bed – This may not seem to be a task that would save much time, but I’ll take any time advantage I can in the morning.  When unexpected minor disasters erupt, you’ll have some peace of mind.  You can just tell your kids to grab their bags and meet you in the car without having to think twice about it.
  • We sometimes have almost too much time leftover in the morning when things go really smoothly.  Other mornings, we really need the slack to deal with unexpected weather changes, me waking up sick, or the occasional very crabby kid.  My kids know their routines and can run mostly on autopilot if needed.

Readers Chime In On Morning School Routines

This are the elements of my family’s morning routine.  Tell me what else you incorporate to make your school mornings run smoothly!

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Low Stress School Routines – Get Going In The Morning

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP is a practicing licensed mental health counselor in Nebraska.

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