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Archives for September, 2010


Low Stress School Routines – Peaceful Bedtime

Bedtime marks the transition between one day and the next.  It's an important chance for you to connect with your child and get them off to a good night of sleep.

Common Pitfall - Bedtime gets too stretched out

Ever feel like bedtime isn't really a time in your house?  Someone's up, someone forgot to brush, someone lost track of what you told them to do, and still - nobody's...
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Low Stress School Routines – Get Going In The Morning

The morning brings a new day with new opportunities.   You can't predict what the day will hold, but you can get your family off to a great start.

Common Pitfall - Too much rushing around

The morning hour is the launchpad for your kids' school day.  Often, this critical time of the day is stressful and full of crankiness.  Lost school papers, iffy breakfast, no clean clothes, and...
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Red-Shirting Kids For Kindergarten – To Hold Back Or Not To Hold Back

Since I've enrolled my own kids in school, I've noticed parents being concerned about their kids' ages as they got ready for kindergarten.  Would they be ready when school started?  Would they be one of the smallest kids in their class?  Perhaps another question is this - how much does their kindergarten age really matter?

Parents Want Kids To Have Social And Competitive Edge

I was one of the...
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Arts and Culture

Family Traditions And Rituals – More Than Just Family Fun

The fall is my favorite time of the year.  It's not just the beautiful colors or the change of weather - it's the family traditions that get me charged up.  It's more than just fun, it's part of the fabric of my family.  Let's take a closer look at how your family traditions make your family stronger and healthier.

Family Rituals Keep People Going During Tough Times

College football, family birthdays,...
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Girls Who Bully – Not Sugar And Spice

Girls have known this for a long time - boys aren't the only ones who know how to bully.  But how many of you ever thought of reporting the girl who was cruel and demeaning to you at school?  Did you ever label it bullying in your mind?  You probably knew it was wrong, but just never knew what you were supposed to do with it  Thankfully, some...
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