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Kids Relearn About Life As They Develop

Kids Keep Learning About Life

I’m going to hearken back to my earlier post on bullying and changing times.  As I’ve been reflecting on my writing experience, I’ve had a few more thoughts to share.

My oldest is in fourth grade.  No longer a little kid, but not yet a teenager.  Captain Obvious says this is why we call them ‘tweens.  Kids this age are now among the oldest in the social microcosm.  They are also starting to develop their abstract thinking just a tiny bit, enough to allow them a little personal reflection from time to time.  They go from living moment-to-moment to including a more stable historical perspective in their daily lives.  This is all the more apparent to me since she has younger siblings going through the same paces a few years behind her.

While this can be a decidedly awkward time, I’m reminded about how much social learning goes on at this time.  Kids are paying attention to things they hardly noticed before like how they and others look.  If you can see past the judgment aspect of this, it’s fascinating that their brains are capable of more attention to detail.  They are literally relearning what their environment looks like all the time.

They are also learning some truths about society.  Everyone may be expected to act nice to each other, but not everyone will be.  And even acting nice to someone who tends to be mean doesn’t “fix” that person’s meanness.  Being kind is still a good thing to do, but not just because the teacher says so.  It starts to be what their character is about, how they choose to treat people because they are internalizing what is right and wrong.

Gut wrenching at times, but totally fascinating!  I challenge you to take a look at your kid, no matter what their ages (even adult kids) and see what you think they are learning about life right now.  Just take an isolated look at their current learning process about getting through life, whether it seems successful or not.  That ought to give you something interesting to think about today – I know I’ll be considering that more myself.

Whatever thoughts bubble up upon reading this, or considering it later today, please come back and share!  Thanks.

Kids Relearn About Life As They Develop

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP

Erika Krull, MS, LMHP is a practicing licensed mental health counselor in Nebraska.

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