Something awesome will be happening on Katherine Stone’s Postpartum Progress blog on Mother’s Day, May 10.  It’s called Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health.  It’s a series of letters to new moms sharing the importance of good maternal mental health.  These letters have been written by moms who’ve lived through postpartum mood disorders and postpartum experts.  They will be presented one by one for every hour of the day.

Twenty four letters in twenty four hours.  How cool is that?

Could you think of a better day to celebrate moms and moms taking good care of themselves?  And these letter writers, many of them are well-known postpartum authors and bloggers such as Ruta Nonacs, Karen Kleinman, Susan Stone, and Katherine Stone.  Some of the names I haven’t heard before, but I can’t wait to read their letters.  It’s going to be so interesting to hear this many different takes on postpartum mood disorders.

I am completely privileged to be among the few and the proud who wrote letters.  Yes, I’ll have my story in there too, though I don’t know what time of day it will appear.  I feel really new on the scene among so many pros, but it certainly feels right to share.  And in this, a conversation about mothers with postpartum mood disorders, nobody is a celebrity or superhero.

Prize-winning authors, highly decorated professionals, modest stay-at-home moms, hard working moms with too much to do – none of that really matters as much as understanding the common experience of the disorder.  It doesn’t care what you do for a living, who knows you, who doesn’t know you, how great your husband is, or if you are a single teen mom.  The social and monetary levels that may be between these moms fades to the background.

The whole point of this is to give hope for managing and surviving mental disorders while also promoting good mental health for moms.  I’m sure there will be humor, sadness, and a whole lot of other emotions in these letters.  Wow – what a journey to go on this Sunday!  Anyway, I have heard enough of the names to know that this will be a feast for the eyes.  I can’t wait!

You can go ahead and bookmark this Postpartum Progress address – it’s just a placeholder for the first letter.  You should be able to click on it after the first one is up. Bookmark it and put it on your calendar.  Tell your friends and family members that are new moms to check it out, too.  You won’t want to miss it.

Here’s an early wish for a great Mother’s Day, and enjoy the Mother’s Day Rally for Moms’ Mental Health on Postpartum Progress.