Faith on the Couch is a blog exploring the intersection between faith & religion with mental health and relationship issues. It is hosted by Dr. Gregory Popcak. Some of the topics the blog will address include:

  • What’s the difference between internal and external religious faith? Why does this matter?
  • What is “religion”, “faith”, “belief”? How does the psychology of religion view these topics?
  • What are the difference and similarities between spirituality and religious faith?
  • When is religion/spirituality healthy and when is it not (and is it ok to make that call)?
  • What is the intersection between faith and reason?
  • Do religious people trust psychology? Should they? (and how they can)
  • What’s the difference between “talking with the pastor” and counseling?
  • How does religious faith impact mental health (for good and ill)?
  • Can psychology itself become a religion? (What are the signs?)
  • How can we manage times when psychology and religious faith clash?
  • How does a religious person choose a therapist?
  • Are there reasonable psychological arguments that support religious positions–or not?
  • What can psychology and religion learn from each other?
  • How can religious people deal effectively with disappointments in the pastor/faith community?
  • Reviews of books on psych and religion/spirituality topics (classics and new).

Dr. Gregory Popcak, MSW, LISW is a nationally recognized Catholic psychotherapist and author of six books integrating solid Christian teaching with cutting-edge counseling psychology. His columns and features regularly appear in periodicals such as Catholic Parent, Family Foundations, TORCH, Catholic Digest, New Covenant, Columbia, and others. His work has also been featured in secular periodicals such as Glamour, Bride’s, and the National Enquirer.

Gregory Popcak is the founder and clinical director of the Pastoral Solutions Institute, an organization dedicated to helping Christians find faithful answers to life’s difficult questions through telephone counseling, speaking engagements, and resource development. Since the Institute’s founding in 1999, he has personally conducted over 4500 hours of telephone psychotherapy with Catholics and other Christians from around the world.


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