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50 Prompts for Practicing Gratitude Today and Every Day

Once again, in the U.S., we’re celebrating Thanksgiving.

In honor of this holiday, I’m sharing 50 prompts for helping us cultivate gratitude today—and every day. You might journal about these prompts right now or tonight. In fact, you might buy a special notebook, and make it a nightly ritual (or a morning one), a time for reconnecting to yourself, a time for reconnecting to what’s most important.

You might respond to a few of the prompts each day, taking turns around the dinner table or during other family gatherings. Or you might use these prompts to kick-start some other creative project (like a drawing a day!).

These prompts also serve as 50 reminders that we have soooo many incredible things to be thankful for, both big and small. Of course, not every prompt will resonate with you or be relevant to you. But I hope this shows you that your list of gifts is indeed quite large and long.

  1. The best sound
  2. My favorite sweatshirt
  3. My favorite place to go when I’m upset
  4. My favorite way to move my body
  5. A book that made me feel less alone
  6. The most supportive person in my life
  7. A film that always makes me laugh
  8. Songs that heal my heart
  9. The tree outside my window
  10. Foods that nourish me
  11. A meaningful piece of jewelry
  12. I love this about today
  13. My favorite thing about winter is
  14. A meaningful memory
  15. I’m always in awe of
  16. I couldn’t live without
  17. Words that uplift me
  18. A lesson I’m thankful I have learned (and maybe even keep learning)
  19. I feel loved when
  20. The morning light
  21. A simple pleasure that soothes me
  22. A challenge I didn’t think I’d overcome, a problem I didn’t think I’d solve, but I did
  23. A sight that makes me smile
  24. One of my favorite gifts
  25. My home
  26. What I look forward to doing during the holidays
  27. What I look forward to doing each day
  28. A children’s book I love
  29. Something meaningful I’m able to do thanks to technology
  30. People who truly love me for me
  31. What helps me tune into my feelings
  32. My favorite thing to do on a Friday night
  33. My health
  34. Inside jokes
  35. These things define magic for me
  36. What I love about the sky
  37. My favorite conveniences
  38. A book that inspires me
  39. Advice I’ve gotten that’s significantly helped me
  40. Small but significant treats
  41. My relationship with myself
  42. Things that grow
  43. My hands
  44. My favorite scent
  45. A piece of furniture I love
  46. Something I use every day
  47. A photograph I cherish
  48. A dream I can make come true
  49. Abilities I’m grateful for
  50. Waking up every morning

I know that gratitude is everywhere nowadays to the point where it’s almost become a cliché and maybe even annoying.

But that doesn’t make it any less important or powerful. The key is to practice gratitude in a way that’s meaningful, honest, and special to you. The key is to practice on your own terms. Whatever that looks like.

If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you have a wonderful, nourishing, delicious holiday! And if you’re not, I hope you have a wonderful, nourishing, delicious day!

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.

50 Prompts for Practicing Gratitude Today and Every Day

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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