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10 More Ways to Use Art to Discover and Rediscover Your Voice

Your voice is who you are, and it is powerful. And you deserve to discover it and use it and cherish it. This week I shared different ways you can use art to find your voice (in this piece). Below are 10 additional ideas, which I hope you find helpful and eye-opening.

  1. Draw yourself. Next to your picture, include adjectives, and other words to describe yourself with the same detail as a writer describes a main character in their book.
  2. Draw the top 10 things that inspire you. Maybe make this a weekly ritual: What 10 things inspired me this week?
  3. Create a comic strip of an interaction, where you speak up for yourself. When clients are working on being assertive in therapy, sometimes their therapists will help them prepare for the upcoming interaction by role playing. Do the same on paper with your comic strip. Before you start, think about a conversation you really need to have with someone. Then think about what you’d like to say, and start sketching.
  4. Take photos of yourself as you’re experiencing different emotions. Print those photos out, paste them into a journal, and write about how that particular emotion affects you, where you feel it, and what thoughts it sparks.
  5. Draw yourself as an abstract painting. What colors represent you? What lines and shapes represent you? Think about this beforehand, or simply start, and let your hands decide.
  6. Snap photos of objects that remind you of you. If you’d like, write down why they do.
  7. Sketch what your sadness looks like.
  8. Keep an art journal filled with your daily truths. That is, ask yourself every day: What is true for me today? What is true for me right now? Then after asking these questions, pick images from old magazines or newspapers that seem to answer them. Or draw these images, or paint them.
  9. Take a walk in nature. Pick up sticks, leaves, flower petals, anything that you feel particularly drawn to. (And try not to take out your phone.) When you get home, assemble your natural findings into a collage. Reflect on how the walk made you feel.
  10. Draw your voice. What does it look like? What does it yearn to say? What is it feeling? Try to channel your responses into your illustration.

Finding your voice and reconnecting to it can become a regular practice. It can become part of your day or part of your week. It can be a way of tuning in, and showing yourself, I am here, and I am listening. And that just might be the most powerful present we can give ourselves.

What have you discovered so far about your voice? What helps you find it?

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

10 More Ways to Use Art to Discover and Rediscover Your Voice

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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