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Connecting to Our Senses

When we connect to our senses, we become alive. We become mesmerized, and everything else melts away. We become immersed and absorbed. It’s as though we travel inside whatever we’re paying attention to: We travel inside a bowl of made-from-scratch spaghetti, swimming in the fresh garlicky sauce. We travel inside the stars we’re staring at. We travel inside the flower we’re smelling, inside sweet jasmine or intoxicating gardenia.

When we connect to our senses, we also enliven our imagination. We feed it. We feed it all sorts of nourishing foods. We expand and amplify our creativity. Because it is in experiencing the subtleties and details of life that our creative projects are born.

Below you’ll find an assortment of prompts to connect to your senses using writing—or really any medium. As always, it’s up to you.

  • Write about the first scent that greets you in the morning.
  • Describe your breakfast to someone who can’t see.
  • Describe what your favorite music does to your body.
  • Describe what fog looks like.
  • Write about what your favorite meal tastes like.
  • List adjectives that describe the taste of a lemon.
  • Describe your Sunday morning.
  • Describe your hands. Describe your skin, your palms, your fingers, your veins, your nails. Yes, go that small, and get that detailed.
  • Write about the light during different times of the day.
  • Write about what it feels like to be touched by your partner.
  • Make a list of things that are lush.
  • Make a list of magical scents, sounds, sights, flavors and tactile experiences.
  • Write about what sadness smells, sounds, looks, tastes and feels like. Do the same for other emotions.
  • Describe what it’s like to walk.
  • Use your five senses to describe something or someone that matters to you.
  • Describe a loved one’s voice.
  • Write about what it might feel like to touch a cloud.

Use these prompts when you’re feeling stuck to inspire your imagination and kick-start your creativity. Use these prompts to feel grounded and centered when you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsteady. Use them to travel inside a single moment. Use them to see the world anew. Use them when you’re feeling lost. Use them when you need to reconnect to yourself: the foundation for everything.

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Connecting to Our Senses

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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