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Things You’re Never Too Old to Do, Create or Try

We assume that we’re too old to do oh-so many things. We stop ourselves before we ever start. But, as I wrote a few days ago, we’re never too old to explore, to experiment, to wonder, to question, to play, to begin. Because there’s no age limit on learning new subjects, on learning new skills.

So many people are proof of that. (Refer to my previous post.)

Below is just a sampling of crafts, skills, silly and not-so silly activities you can learn and try—at any age.

  • painting
  • singing
  • dancing
  • watching cartoons
  • snapping photos
  • writing a letter
  • writing a poem
  • connecting with someone
  • drawing Milan
  • learning to play guitar, violin, piano
  • staring at the sky and exploring the stars
  • practicing restorative yoga
  • playing board games
  • learning a new language
  • writing an entire novel (in November)
  • creating collages out of magazine cut-outs or vintage photos or natural materials like sticks and leaves (or you name it…)
  • writing your own song
  • creating a daily or weekly self-portrait
  • sewing
  • composing morning pages 
  • starting a small garden
  • learning calligraphy
  • making handmade cards
  • sharpening your senses 
  • starting a blog about a subject you’re passionate or curious about
  • reading children’s books
  • writing children’s books
  • going on artist dates
  • doing something you really want to do …

It’s never too late to reignite your sense of wonder. It’s never too late to reconnect to your imagination. It’s never too late to play. It’s never too late to make, to create, to do.

Even if it feels absolutely impossible, you can dissect that desire, and pick something that is practical and doable for the stage and season of life you’re in. Maybe you can’t attend medical school, but you can learn about medicine. You can buy a used textbook, and read through it. You can volunteer at a hospital. Maybe you can’t attend art school, but you can take an art class at a local college, or a course online. You can join an art club, or experiment completely on your own.

Sure, these alternatives may be far from the real deal. But they’re still options. They’re still options that give you the opportunity to connect to activities you yearn to do, to subjects you yearn to investigate.

There are ways to act on our dreams. The key is to get creative. And, excitingly, you never know where that might lead.

Photo by Lukas Budimaier on Unsplash.
Things You’re Never Too Old to Do, Create or Try

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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