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Inspiration is Everywhere

Maybe you’re looking for a new idea to explore, or a new project to begin. Maybe you’re looking for a few key details for your fictional character. Maybe you’re stuck with your story. Maybe you’re simply feeling incredibly and utterly uninspired. Below, you’ll find a collection of quotes, which speak to the many different places you’ll find inspiration. After all, inspiration is everywhere. It lurks inside our dreams. It resides in our emotions. It resides in conversations we’re not meant to hear. It is in the moon. It is in the stresses of our everyday lives. It is in the colors of berries at a farmer’s market. It is in a children’s book or seashells you found at the beach. It is in calligraphy and maybe even cookie dough. 

“My most powerful insights have come through using my imagination to spend time with figures from dreams. Sometimes an image will come to me while I’m awake, as I sense into a particular situation in my life and open my imagination. It’s the same thing—the psyche speaks in image, and those images bring healing and growth.” ~ Joy Malek, a marriage and family therapist.

“I get very inspired in nature. I’ve always loved Georgia O’Keeffe’s work, and lately I am loving a lot of pattern-driven images as well. In this vein, I’m very inspired by the work of Lisa Congdon, Cherie Bitanga at the, Deeann Rieves, and Emily Mann at Instagram has been an amazing place to find inspiration and ideas for my own art. I’ve been experimenting a lot lately—“trying on” techniques of different artists I admire.” ~ Amy Maricle, an artist and art mentor.

“I’m inspired by humans and their emotion as well as their resiliency. Art was a portal to my own overwhelming emotion when I was younger, so I found myself drawn to Abstract Expressionism. Works from that genre represent raw, visceral feelings that are often covered by the many defensive masks we wear. Such art forms, regardless of modality attract me like a moth to a flame. Whether it’s a modern dance, theatre drama, or actual painting I can be touched in order to feel and experience those emotions that remind me I am human.” ~ Lanie Smith, an artist therapist.

“[I am inspired by] Almost everything. Really. A conversation overheard. A song that awakens a certain feeling. A sentence stringed together perfectly. The way my kids play. Spending time in the woods and learning about the rhythms and sounds and textures and cycles that make up that world. The moon. Darkness and the way the world feels different in the dark. I walk in continuous awe of this world. It’s like I haven’t quite taken in that I get to be here, in this strange and beautiful place. I feel like I’m just visiting and I’m so curious! There’s so much I want to know. I often feel like I could spend a lifetime trying to grasp the mysteries of one tree. Not to mention the mysteries of human beings. We are an odd breed, and quite frankly, there are many aspects of the human life that confuse or bore me. But our creativity, oh my goodness! I’m obsessed with it. What an amazing thing it is. All this worldly, dreary stuff we fill our lives with, and then this, this divine spark, this flow we can tap into. In an instant we become co-creators of the universe instead of just little hamsters caught in a never-ending race towards death.” ~ Anna Lovind, a writer and editor.

“My work is inspired by my environment and my response to it. My paintings range from works inspired by pristine wilderness mountains, glaciers, rivers, lakes, beaches, deserts and forests, to works inspired by urban sprawl. I do a lot of walking, hiking and cycling, and I am very aware of my surroundings, often taking photos or making mental notes of forms, colors, lines, tones and the general atmosphere of a particular place. I have also been inspired by great art and artists, from the New York abstract expressionists, to my university instructor Gordon Smith, to Japanese calligraphers.” ~ David Tycho, an artist.

“I get so many of my ideas by listening (eavesdropping is another word for it). I was blessed with bat-like hearing, so I can sit in a restaurant and have a conversation with my husband while at the same time listening as a couple three tables away breaks up. It’s a gift! I also have a ‘talk to me’ kind of face, so strangers often open up to me. I’m grateful.” ~ Kristan Higgins, author of If You Only Knew.

“My photography is inspired by both internal and external realities. For the series called ‘Nap Time’ I took a situation in my life with my son that was stressful for me. My son would not nap and I wanted more “me” time. So instead of suffering, I created a ritual of taking photos of my son and I as soon as he fell asleep. This transformed a situation that caused me stress into the most amazing experience. I now have hundreds of these photos of our nap time together and have documented our relationship during this once-in-a-lifetime experience with my son.” ~ Catherine Just, a photographer and artist.

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Where do you find inspiration? 

Photo by Grzegorz Mleczek.
Inspiration is Everywhere

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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