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10 Quick Journal Prompts to Reconnect to Yourself

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Lately, you might feel like you don’t have any time for yourself. You might feel rushed. You might feel the pressure to be “productive,” so you hyper-focus on your list of unfinished tasks. You might feel like every second is scheduled—and “me time” is sadly not included.

And yet you yearn for some time to yourself. Time to explore what you’re thinking and feeling. Time to make sense of what’s happening inside your heart. Time to breathe. Deeply.

What can help is focusing on the margins: the small moments, the small pockets of time you do have in your day. Your commute. Your lunch break. A long line. A child’s nap. A doctor’s appointment. Just before bed.

Below are 10 quick journal prompts from Adam J. Kurtz’s newest book Pick Me Up: A Pep Talk for Now and Later to explore in the margins of your days, when you have a mere moment and yearn to reconnect with yourself.

  1. Pick Me Up, Adam KurtzWrite down your emotions. Don’t worry about explaining them; just write what you feel.
  2. Describe the dream you had last night in three words.
  3. Apologize to yourself (e.g., “Sorry I didn’t trust you,” “Sorry I stayed up so late”).
  4. Write something to work on or grow through right now.
  5. Write thank-you notes to yourself (e.g., “It meant a lot when …” “I appreciate …” “Thank you for …”).
  6. Think about everything that you didn’t know you could do, until you did it. Start a list. Return to this list, and add on.
  7. Write down something you need to remember.
  8. Write down what you do when nothing makes sense. What or who can help? (Be sure to come back to your response when you inevitably forget.)
  9. Write down things you’re definitely going to forget but don’t want to.
  10. What feels like home right now?

Our days are often full with responsibilities. Finding 20 minutes to yourself might feel absolutely impossible. Which is OK. Because spending even just a few minutes self-reflecting can be incredibly nourishing.

It can help us to not only better understand ourselves but to figure out a next step. To figure out how we want to live our lives. And there is nothing small about that.

Photo by Alan Labisch.
10 Quick Journal Prompts to Reconnect to Yourself

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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