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21 More Fill-In-The Blank Prompts to Explore in Your Journal

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There is something very empowering and freeing about expressing ourselves. Which is why I love journaling. While writing about our thoughts and feelings is not easy, the process of journaling is simple enough. We can jot down anything at any time using any writing tool and piece of paper (or napkin or index card or envelope—whatever’s handy).

Journaling helps us to know ourselves better and to understand why we do what we do. It helps us to process the jumbled-up mess in our minds. It helps us to slow down and make thoughtful decisions. But more than that it involves the act of listening to ourselves. It means making time to build a relationship with ourselves. The one relationship that we always have. The one relationship that becomes a foundation for all other relationships. And that’s certainly a big deal.

Last week, in this piece, I shared a range of journal prompts for us to explore. Below are 21 additional prompts to reflect on. Put on your favorite soothing music, light a yummy-smelling candle and start exploring the nooks and crannies of yourself and your world.

  1. The more I think about it, the more I realize that __________ is a miracle.
  2. When I look in the mirror, I see _______________.
  3. If a genie granted me five wishes, I would ask for ______________. I could actually make some of that come true by _____________.
  4. My favorite part of the day is ______________ because ______________.
  5. I’d like to forgive myself for _________________.
  6. I need more _____________ in my life.
  7. My inner child would love to __________ this weekend. (So I will.)
  8. For me success really means ____________.
  9. Sometimes it’s so hard to connect to my feelings around ____________.
  10. I feel at peace when _____________.
  11. I feel most creative when _______________.
  12. I love being alive because _________ (and the list goes on and on _____________).
  13. When I listen to my body and ask what it needs, it says _____________.
  14. I notice that I tend to turn to ____________ to escape my feelings. From now on, I’ll try ___________ instead.
  15. My favorite memory is ____________.
  16. I’m fascinated by how people __________.
  17. To me summer represents _________ and ___________ and sometimes ____________.
  18. I’d love to write a children’s book about __________ because that’s really the biggest lesson I’ve learned about life so far.
  19. If I were to describe my relationship with myself in a few words or sentences, I’d say _________________.
  20. When I’m alone, I think a lot about __________.
  21. When I think about what’s deeply meaningful to me, I realize it’s _____________ (which may or may not be a revelation to me).

I hope you enjoy these prompts—or I hope they inspire you to journal in general. Because, again, the simple act of writing a thought or feeling down on paper is actually incredibly powerful.

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21 More Fill-In-The Blank Prompts to Explore in Your Journal

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