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Creative Ways to Connect with Others

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On Thursday, in this post, I shared different questions we can ask to connect with others (and ourselves). Today, I’m sharing a list of ideas about how we can create together — whether you’re creating with your child, spouse, best friend or anyone else.

If you’re up for it, journal about your experiences creating and connecting. What surprises you? What inspires you? How does it feel to make something?

Without further ado, here are examples of various ways we can connect to our loved ones:

  • Take out a big piece of paper, and pens, pencils, crayons or watercolors. Start drawing on the same paper, at the same time. What kind of mess emerges?
  • Create a poem together. You start by writing a few lines. Then let the other person take over. Keep going back and forth until you think your piece is complete.
  • Sing a song together.
  • Collaborate on a joke.
  • Start an inspiring daily ritual with the other person where each of you makes time for making.
  • Cook a meal from scratch. Find a complicated recipe, and try to decipher it together. Or create your own interesting concoction made from both of your favorite foods or desserts.
  • Take a themed road trip. Make it any theme. For instance, it might be something concrete, such as hiking famous trails or visiting a bunch of baseball parks. Or it might be something abstract: You pick a word — like “adventure” or “connection” — and structure your trip around that.
  • Create your own Rorschach. Then interpret each others’ creations. The more absurd — and laughable — the better!
  • Go on an artist date. Even though Julia Cameron intended for this to be a solitary activity, it’s also a great way to connect. For instance, if you check out an exhibit, discuss what you see. Talk about what really caught your eye, or what confused you.
  • Take a class together (like a dance, painting, photography or cooking class). Or take an e-course, and schedule a weekly date to discuss what you’ve learned and created (even for just 15 minutes).
  • Take turns reading aloud to each other, whether you’re reading a poem or a chapter from a book.
  • Spend a few hours strolling your city, pointing out architecture, monuments or anything else that surprises you.
  • Ask each other these wacky prompts.
  • Take photos each day at the same time (e.g., set your alarm for bright early or later afternoon), and send them to each other. Pick a close friend or family member who’s too many miles away. Give them a peek into your day, and enjoy seeing how they spend their’s.
  • Send postcards to each other with your favorite quote or poem.
  • Create a play-book for the person, which is filled with all sorts of creative prompts and mini adventures.
  • Send each other a letter a month about simply what you’re up to. Or share a piece of personal writing through the  mail.
  • Get together and gather any art supplies, scrapbook paper, magazines, old cards or other images. Create a collage based on everything from your dreams to your ideal vacation to what love (or self-care or life or adventure or creativity) means to you. Chat about your collages with each other.
  • Brainstorm together what you can create every day for 100 days (which might take just 5 to 10 minutes a day). This might be creating something together or supporting each other in your separate projects.

Which one of these ideas might you try? What are your favorite ways to connect? How will you connect with someone you love this week? How do you define connection?

Creative Ways to Connect with Others

Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

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