The Power of a Ritual

About a decade ago, Beth Ricanati's friend suggested she make challah for the Jewish New Year. The only thing Ricanati baked back then were boxed  brownies. To her, a physician and mom of three kids, the idea of making anything from scratch seemed overwhelming and downright impossible.


How to Express Yourself

One of my favorite ways to express myself has always been through poetry. Because penning poetry is freeing. It feels much less intimidating than writing pages and pages of thoughts and feelings and worries. There's something accessible and (almost) effortless about knowing that you're just jotting down a few sentences, a few images, a few words.


50 Questions to Explore Your World and Yourself

There are so many things we don't know. And while this fact may be disappointing or downright depressing, it's actually exciting. Because it's an invitation to discover and rediscover our surroundings and ourselves. It's an invitation to wonder and wander, and how frequently do we actually do that?

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