50 Prompts for Practicing Gratitude Today and Every Day

Once again, in the U.S., we're celebrating Thanksgiving.

In honor of this holiday, I'm sharing 50 prompts for helping us cultivate gratitude today---and every day. You might journal about these prompts right now or tonight. In fact, you might buy a special notebook, and make it a nightly ritual (or a morning one), a time for reconnecting to yourself, a time for reconnecting to what's most important.


How to Be Creative

There are myriad thoughts on how to be creative. There are books and blogs all about it. There are all sorts of hypotheses, theories and research studies. Because being creative is multi-faceted, and multi-layered---and everyone has an opinion on what works best.


Authors Share How They Stay Inspired

When it comes to writing, inspiration can be controversial. Some people staunchly believe we shouldn't need inspiration to write. We must sit down at our desks and get to work---whether the muse is available or not.