Not long ago, I blogged about the effect of time spent around a horse on materialism. In that blog, I mentioned that simply being around animals illuminates the desire to connect with not only one another, but other living beings in general. Perhaps at no other time are we faced with the conflict between materialism and connection than at Christmas time.


After all, Christmas is meant to represent the celebration of one another, and yet the ways in which we often choose to celebrate serve to disconnect us even further. The very effect of stress on relationships is impairment of emotional awareness, reciprocity, and expression. So, in effect, we are less able to communicate, and thus connect.


But we all want to connect, and sometimes, the hardest thing to learn is how. 


So maybe for just a moment this Holiday season, you can stop and consider if you are truly giving your loved ones what the really want — which is you, fully present. And if you think you may not be, then consider some equine therapy.


Being around horses can help you see what you may be carrying around emotionally (both consciously and unconsciously), and just how it may be impacting others. From this point, you can then choose to make changes, as once you are aware of what is may be impeding connection, you will also have the power to change it.


Happy Holidays from the back of a horse!