equine therapy videoUntil recently, the subject of horses, and their value to us as humans, has been relatively absent. However, in the new video game “Your Farm,” gaining a horse is seen as a prize. While video games may not be for everyone, they can certainly teach us a great deal about life.


In “Your Farm,” there is an interesting twist: to gain the horse, you must first improve your relationship with humans.


The rules of the game require you to leave your horse in a “farm” area, otherwise when it returns to the farm area, you’ll have to catch it when you want to ride it.


Further, you can enter your horse into a “horse festival” and your chances of winning are based on the number of hearts your horse has, which you earn through improving your relationship with your horse.


So, you ask, just what can this video game teach us?


Well, typically in equine therapy, the idea is that by improving your relationship with a horse, your relationship with humans will improve.


But the game makes a few interesting points.


First, in horse competitions, or in any competition for that matter, seldom do we consider that the chances of winning could be based on the quality of the relationship with the partner that we play with. Instead, we focus on technique, skill, style, and strategy, which is actually not that different from what we do when we are “competing” in a relationship.  Instead of focusing on improving the quality of the relationship (the amounts of heart it might be awarded), we focus on how we are getting our needs met, and whether or not our partner is adequately meeting them.



Second, the idea that we have to be a better person (improving the relationship with the human in the game) to gain access to the horse, takes the the equine therapy model for a 360 degree spin. Typically practitioners of equine facilitated psychotherapy purport that it is through spending time with a horse that a person will become a better human. However, improving our human relationships will certainly increase our self awareness, which will then improve our ability to forge a relationship with a horse.


So while perhaps the last thing we may have thought to find in a video game was an entrance into the world of equine therapy, here it is.


And so play away.



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