famous people's horsesCertainly the sound of a large band can’t be missed, especially when it’s done well. A large band is actually one of Lyle Lovett’s trademarks, among other things. A native Texan, Lovett has recorded thirteen albums and released twenty-one singles to date. Creating many Top Ten Billboard Hits and albums, the singer has also won four Grammy Awards, including Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Album.

Lovett has also appeared on screen in many different films and sitcoms, including “Mad About You,” “Dharma and Greg” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

What many people may not know is that Lovett co-owns a world class reining stallion, Smart and Shiny, and has for years bred and raised exceptional Quarter Horses.

Beginning with running quarter horses, Lovett’s family has always been involved in horses, and he recalls them always being a part of his life. Among the many things Lyle has learned from his experience around horses over the years? “There is so much wisdom,” he says, and that wisdom “really runs deep.”

When asked how this wisdom may apply to life, the singer replies that, “the way you are around horses is the way you are in life,” and goes on to explain that many lessons learned from horses can be applied to human relationships.

Like many other celebrities, Lovett has also done his share of charity work, and for the second year in a row at the Make A Wish charity show in Oklahoma, he took home the winning ride.

Watch this winning ride, below:

To watch a short video about Lovett and his involvement with horses, click HERE.

Lyle has also done his share of advocacy work for Texas horse owners and narrates this short video about the importance of supporting the massive industry for the state.

Lovett’s love of horses has even entered his music, and in his most recent album, “Natural Forces,” one lyric reads, “home is where the horse is.”

For those of us who love horses, nothing could be more true.

Lyle Lovett photo by Eric Frommer, available under a Creative Commons attribution license.