For those of us in the equine world, one of the most exciting things is a horse show. Seeing all of the competitors exhibiting the best of their many years of hard work, dedication and passion into one seemingly fleeting moment in which everything seems to hang in the air.

All can be won or lost in that moment, and many great riders have often said, “if only I had it to do over.” Just as many have rejoiced, exalted, in total awe, of the magnificent animal underneath them.

This intensity, this level of adrenaline, is not only known to equestrians. Veterans, those whose lives are on the line constantly, who must put everything they have into what they do, just to survive, know it too.

This is why it is so exciting that the National Snaffle Bit Association has decided to offer classes just for Veterans at their World Championship show. Now not only can Veterans share in the love of the horse, and the healing that happens between a horse and a human, but also the excitement of the horse show.

The show will offer classes for both independent riders and those who require support. To qualify, riders must be disabled veterans or active duty “wounded warriors” who are participating in PATH International Equine Services for Heroes programs or who have a Department of Veteran Affairs disability rating.

Judging will be based 50% on the rider and 50% on the horse, and if the veteran is not able to have a horse transported to Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the show takes place, several therapeutic centers have offered to donate horse. The best part is that the classes are completely free!

For more information on these classes go HERE.

Winning ribbons photo available from Shutterstock.