Equine Therapy For Weight Loss?

Although equine therapy has been used for a wide variety of psychological and behavioral conditions, and weight loss has been attacked from seemingly every possible angle, is it possible that working with horses can somehow hold benefit for those struggling with weight?

Equine Therapy: “BUCK” The Movie

Before Ceasar Milan came onto the scene, people thought that fixing bad behavior in dogs had little to do with the dog owner, and even less to do with the relationship he/she had with the dog. Well, we now know that the way a dog acts is often a telling reflection of the way the owner handles him/her. And what Ceasar has done for dog owners, Buck Brannaman has done for horse owners. The newly released movie, “Buck” tells the story.

Equine Therapy and Addictions

When thinking about addictions, some things are quite obvious, while others are much more disguised. Clearly, those with substance abuse issues of any kind are still subject to a healthy dose of social stigma. Often this desire to hide what is not considered acceptable by the masses is what fuels the emergence of a multitude of “exclusive” addiction centers. For a sense of what these day spa like treatment centers look like, just google “Malibu drug treatment.” Yet this avoidance of the problem also disguises a much larger issue. That is, that aside from the war in the middle east, addiction issues -- from prevention efforts to treatment, loss of work time, health claims, and addiction related incarcerations -- claim the largest share of national spending. So it seems fitting then that treatment centers scramble for the latest and greatest way to treat this massive social problem. Of late, equine therapy has become one of these nascent methods for getting to the root of what causes a person to turn to the bottle, pill, or powder.

The Four Agreements of Equine Therapy

When we enter the environment of any animal, we automatically enter an implicit agreement. We are subject to the expectations, perceptions and desires of that animal, and often, even without our full awareness of ever making such an agreement. More often than not, we are too blinded by our own desires, perceptions and expectations for what should occur between the animal and ourselves to notice what it is the animal may bring to the table. And given these circumstances, we might wonder if an animal, such as a horse could voice his part of the agreement, what would it be?

Equine Therapy: A Path To Authenticity

Certainly we all want to be more authentic -- that is to say what we mean and mean what we say. Further, although there a number of approaches, and no less written about becoming more authentic, there are not so many ways to understand how to feel authentic. Enter equine therapy. For when working with horses, very little is communicated verbally, and instead the relationship with the horse is almost exclusively conducted through feel.