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Archives for January, 2012


A World of Pain, Without Medications

A reader sent a link to a recent NYT editorial about the lack of pain medications in some countries.  The writer of the editorial injured his leg while traveling in Africa, and was dismayed to find that opioid pain medications were in limited supply, with only enough for patients admitted to the hospital.

The writer went on to describe a number of developing countries where pain medications are in short supply,...
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The PRN Pill-Mill Story

Wow. I just read an email about a story that I was vaguely aware of-- about a doctor in Kansas and his wife, who were together linked to scores of overdose deaths. But that is just the beginning. The doctor was supported, during his trial, by Siobhan Reynolds, founder of a nonprofit advocacy group called 'Pain Relief Network.' She started the group back in 2003, when her ex-husband was suffering from severe...
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When to Stop Treatment? Why?

Below is an e-mail that I changed just enough to hide the person’s identity.  Every week, I receive messages that describe similar situations.

My husband has struggled GREATLY with substance abuse since in his 20's; he is now in his mid-40's. He is the kindest sweetest man and he is the BEST husband and father. When he is using he becomes someone he is not. We have run the gamut from jail to...
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