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Archives for September, 2010

The Tolerance Problem

In my last post I described two common story lines in news columns about opioid dependence; the doctor-shopping pain pill addict and the pill-pushing physician. I described how the truth is more complicated than news articles often suggest. Doctor-shopping pain patients are in many...
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Living On Two Levels

When we left our fictional patient with back pain, she had become tolerant to hydrocodone prescribed by her doctor, and because she was taking more of the ineffective medication, she ran out of medication earlier than planned.  To her relief, she found some tablets...
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The Pain Pill Pattern

I’ve been writing about my own progression from a person who seemed—at least on the outside—to‘have it all’ to a person struggling with opioid dependence.  There are so many aspects of the disease of opioid dependence that I hope to share through this blog.

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Got Desperation?

Doctors sometimes joke about how our medical specialties affect how we view the world.  When I was an anesthesiologist, I became more and more aware of ‘the airway,’ a collection of anatomical findings that predict whether a person is easy to intubate—the term for...
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