Emotionally Sensitive Person

Agreeing When You Don’t Agree

Conversations aren't threatening or scary when everyone agrees. But what about those conversations when you don't agree? Maybe a group of friends decide to get together at a certain restaurant. The restaurant is very far from where you live and you would rather...

Coping Skills

Self-Compassion as Part of Self-Care

Emotionally sensitive people are often among the most compassionate people you meet. They are compassionate with people they know, strangers, animals, and more, but they often struggle to be compassionate with themselves. They may even resist the idea that showing compassion to themselves is a desirable goal. Is self-compassion an indulgence? Does it need to be "deserved?"

Taking care of your physical health is important for your health. You may feel proud when you eat nutritious food...


Hitting the Pause Button

Emotionally sensitive people are not comfortable with conflict. When you are in conflict there is usually a sense of urgency. That sense of urgency makes you want to take action, even when there is no reason to take action, because you feel threatened by...

Coping Skills

Your Emotions Are Talking to You

When you're with other people - a friend, a stranger, or a family member - you experience emotions. Lots of them.

Some of those emotions are pleasant and some are not so pleasant. Some will be so powerful that you'll shout at people, hate people you used to love, and exhibit all sorts of behaviors you later regret. Or you'll keep it all inside and vow to never leave your house again or to at least stay away...


The Problem with Saying Yes

Do you believe that relationships are built on doing what others want you to do?  Many emotionally sensitive people believe just that, though they may not be aware of it.

When you believe that, you act as if saying "yes" is the way that you keep people in your life.  Or maybe you worry about friends, family, and strangers experiencing pain or discomfort and don't want them to be upset, so you say "yes" to most requests when you really want/need to say no.


Relationship Effectiveness: What to Do When You’ve Messed Up

You've been there. We all have. You say or do something to damage an important relationship.

Maybe you lose your temper and tell a loved one to get out of your life. Maybe people are counting on you to do something and you let them down: You forget to make a bank deposit, you back out of a planned vacation at the last minute, you lie about something important, you don't show up when it was important to do so, or you share information that you promised to keep private.

Borderline Personality Disorder

Emotion Regulation: Observing and Describing Emotions

As a child, you learned the labels for what you were feeling from your caregivers. Is that tightness in your throat fear or excitement? Is the tension in our muscles anger or fear? Those around you gave you labels for what you were experiencing in your body with statements like, "You're such a ball of nerves today," "Stop crying, you're just mad you didn't get your way,"  or "I'm guessing you're pretty mad at your mom."


Borderline Personality Disorder

Coping With Extreme Emotions

Extreme emotions can be so painful. Who wants to experience intense pain? Avoiding them or trying to not feel them doesn't work. For the emotions to pass, you have to experience them. When you experience them you are likely to feel strong urges to...