Borderline Personality Disorder

Steps for Effective Change

Happy New Year!  Are you making New Year's resolutions?  Are you already blaming yourself for not being able to keep them? Wait, before you do that, let's look at how hard it is to make changes. Emotionally sensitive people in particular seem to underestimate how difficult change is, believe accomplishing tasks is easy for others,  and then feel badly about themselves when they don't meet the goals they set for themselves.

Most of us underestimate how much effort change takes. For example, many of you have a certain way that you hang your toilet paper. Some people believe the right way is to hang it so the paper rolls under and others are adamant that the paper should roll under.  If I asked you to change the way your toilet paper hangs, would you?  Most people would not. Yet we wake up on January 1 with no preparation and resolve to change our eating habits. We are disappointed that by dinner we've eaten twice the calories we allowed ourselves. The real surprise is that we continue to underestimate how difficult change is.