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lynch mob



a group of people who condemn and punish a person without a fair trial“      He claimed that they had been the victims of a racist lynch mob.”

a group of people who criticize someone severely and try to bring about the person’s downfall“      Something approaching a lynch mob has been gathering against the Chancellor for even daring to consider higher interest rates.”,

31 thoughts on “Social Media Injustice

  • September 27, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Stunning post, Nicole. I hadn’t heard about this woman and the bullying she’s endured, but agree that online bullying is one of the most horrific things about the internet. It’s Lord of the Flies, indeed, but I don’t think people recognize it because they’re doing it alone, from the safety of their own homes or offices. It’s so easy to leave a comment or toss out an insult, then go back to whatever you were doing before, without ever having to see the person’s reaction. Sad, and in many ways, much worse than face-to-face bullying.

    • September 29, 2015 at 5:20 pm

      Thank you, Mary I am humbled by your gracious compliment. Social media can be a wonderful tool, but sadly as advocates we see so many cases where it has been abused, and that is heartbreaking.



  • September 28, 2015 at 2:47 pm

    I completely agree with you Nicole! There has been no proof that this story was made up-that is the opinion of a handful of folks on the lynch mob site. She lifted the memes from other sites and posted them on her page – so what??? Go after the originator of the memes. Why did her daughter get dragged into this, that is what is distasteful. There are so many people doing so much worse. They even go so far as to post her supposed criminal record which I would assume she has done the time for and than they went so far to say she was unfit to be a mother and shouldn’t have custody of her children and than accused her of being an alcholic and a narcotics abuser because of a DUI charge supposedly with her children in the car. There are always three sides to every story, she could have been in a horrible place in her life at that time- trying to survive. Maybe she lost her way. I don’t know but these folks are slandering , defaming and bullying her and I believe they are way out of line. They want her prosecuted for a fake coffee story?!?! And a go fund me account that received maybe $200? They want her to admit she lied and made the story up? These people are not lawyers, judges or law enforcement. I. Do believe law enforcement has any more important issues thatn this supposed coffee story to worry with. Much more serious issues going on people!! Move on this is old news. These people are like the tattle talers in grade school. Grow up!! Their behaviour is more disgraceful than Dianne Hoffenmeyer’s ten -fold.

    • September 29, 2015 at 5:19 pm

      Hello Dee,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I have no personal knowledge of this woman or what she may or may not have done, all I am aware of is this public humiliation and online bullying. It is extreme and despicable, and sadly once a group of people jump on board with this behaviour trying to put an end to it is like trying to stop a freight train. I really hope people use their passion for something other than destroying someone’s life, direct that into bringing positivity into the lives of others, this page is not the way to do that.



  • September 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm

    Kindness, first of all, isn’t the best path to take. I’m guessing you’ve never been the victim of a crime. Not an offense or some perceived injustice, but of a criminal act in which you or a close friend or loved one was actually victimized.

    Considering she has been convicted of fraud by a Michigan court, I am guessing that after she contacted the television station to brag about the fabulously awesome thing she never really did, she expected to maybe get some free coffee and … what are they called? …. Tim Bits? … out of it.

    But then the Law of Unintended Consequences kicked in. Her little ruse hit the stratosphere.

    First: I’m not sure when she lost more than 150 pounds, but it wasn’t any time in the last few years (lie #1), as evidenced by her many pictures on her many social media accounts. She is nowhere near “obese.”

    And poor Dianne, who didn’t know how to set up a GoFundMe account. Was that before or after the account she set up last year for the disabled daughter who has all but vaporized in the last week, the story from the recovering alcoholic mother that tugged on the heartstrings. Or the GoFundMe to pay for her house? Or the GoFundMe her husband who needed … something. There’s lie #2.

    Have you seen the list of all the disabilities her daughter supposedly has? And nary a mention of said daughter from Dianne this week.

    Now, maybe I’m just high class, but that coffee shop looks like the coffee version of a Burger King …. which begs the question: Why would two middle-aged women in a fast-food restaurant be chiding her about being fat (which she isn’t) or her hair growing out and the roots showing (something that might have happened ca. 1985 … but then again, THEY WEREN’T EVEN THAT BAD). That’s the best lie, lie #3.

    And do we even need to touch on the memes? I have a lot of Facebook friends and they post some crazy stuff but Dianne’s stuff was bad. I would NEVER post such horrendous things to my page. And don’t disagree for the sole purpose of delusionally trying to prove a point.

    She has been attempting to defraud people for going on 2 years now, but this time, the convicted criminal got caught. THAT is karma. And just as an aside: The media is about to bring her down for making them all look like the do-no-research, lazy reporters they were that day. Be nice all you want …. and the next time she rips somebody off, I’ll be sure to point them in your direction so they can ask you why you thought everyone should just ignore her, be nice, and let her get away with it.

    • September 29, 2015 at 5:16 pm

      Hello Carrie,

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m afraid you’re missing the entire point of my blog, which is that the systematic destruction of this woman via the horrendous Facebook page is just wrong, no matter how you spin it.

      If people are concerned about her behaviour then use the proper channels such as local authorities and the media, not a social media site and a page designed to publicly harass and humiliate. Doesn’t that seem a bit over the top? When does two wrongs make a right? Just something to think about.

      All the best to you.


  • September 29, 2015 at 11:57 pm

    Nicole, isn’t that how all of this got started?! By her posting her “good deed” on social media with her big smile and “wave of the middle finger!”

    • September 30, 2015 at 6:53 am

      Hi Tammy,

      Maybe it is, but again I do believe you’re missing the point of the blog. Regardless of that fact, do two wrongs make a right? Why is social media justice okay? Why would a group of adults, who I would assume (and hope) teach their children that bullying is NOT OKAY, set out to destroy this woman publicly? There are proper channels that they could take. Call the local authorities. Let them do their job. When we decide to become judge, jury and executioner dealing out social media justice, we are in for nothing but trouble.

      “While social media justice is not real life justice, it affects real peoples lives. What we do online effects our real life and other people’s as well and everyone would do well to remember that.”

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Tammy. I wish you and yours all the best.


  • September 30, 2015 at 7:18 pm

    Hi Nicole. Everything you said is right. That page is probably the worst one I have seen. The administator is inciting hate and urging people to take screenshots of this woman’s Facebook page plus her google+ account and post them. Has given her phone number and urged people to call her. Screen shots of her daughter and young son’s page as well. This guy us scary and has some reason for doing this but I can’t imagine what. It’s not smart on her part to lie publicly,if she did, but it has nothing to do with these horrible people that post on this page OR the supposed Broadcast/Journalism student who seems intent on causing her as much pain as possible. My focus is this bully. I care little about whether this woman lied but I DO care about the damage this guy is causing. If you challenge him,which I did, then you are banned. So many people commented on what he was doing and they were banned. If you know a way to make him stop please do so. Facebook is useless in stopping hate sites. Nothing I despise more than bullies and this page is full of them and seem to be pushing this woman to maybe not even want to exist any longer. All for a lie(maybe). Excellent article. Thank you

  • October 1, 2015 at 12:56 am

    I think you mean social injustice via social media. We can be just or unjust; social media can be neither.

    It’s unfortunate for her, but after concocting her story, writing her piece of fiction, and taking a selfie; she entered the court of public opinion and agreed to its terms the moment that she hit post.

    This woman/her story is not a good example to use if making a case against social injustice(s) via social media.

    • October 1, 2015 at 10:44 am

      Hello Kristine,

      No, I meant exactly what the title stated, and I stand by everything I wrote in my article.

      The “court of public opinion” has no business publicly shaming and humiliating someone. Do you remember Amanda Todd? Online bullying leads to consequences far greater than I think any of these followers are wrapping their heads around.

      Best to you,


  • October 1, 2015 at 1:01 am

    This was a well written article, and I agree with 2 wrongs not making a right. I too, am appalled by the Admin of that page. I did my own “investigation” into him, and found out some very unpleasant things. He’s a hypocrite in addition to a bully. A few of the sheep following him are particularly hypocritical as well. They have pictures on their timelines about anti-bullying and being right with the lord, but then join this mob.

    • October 1, 2015 at 10:41 am

      Hello Marie,

      While I can’t be bothered to investigate the admin of the page (because I am not an investigative journalist) or even set foot onto that horrendous Facebook page, I can say that he has come onto my own Facebook page after this blog went live. In any event, I have now become a target for the followers of this page and their relentless bullying. Either way, I am so proud of this piece and I will continue to stand up to online bullying.



  • October 1, 2015 at 11:10 am

    Nicole –

    First, I want to say two things:

    1) I agree that what this lady did was wrong. She appears to be dishonest and a con artist. It is a shame people behave like that.

    2) Mob mentality is almost always bad — even if the mob is right.

    There is a world of difference between this statement:

    “What this woman did was wrong. She tried to con us and we didn’t fall for it. She deserves the public scrutiny and distrust.”

    . . .and this statement:

    “Stupid Wh***! Dumb b***h tried to fool us. I hope she dies and her family watches. She deserves to be murdered and shot. B***h! Call her house and set her lawn on fire!!! Let’s all get her!!!”

    From my perspective you seem to have a problem with the people doing option #2. And I agree with you 100%

    • October 1, 2015 at 11:19 am


      The voice of reason speaks again. Thank you. You Sir are a class act.


  • October 1, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    I was going to write a long reply, and then I saw that Gabe Howard covered exactly what I was going to say, and in a much more succinct matter 🙂
    My problem, and only problem with the Set the Record Straight page is that they only roll with option #2, an option that only encourages cyber bullying and does nothing for resolution. I am truly worried that this could lead to something far more criminal than fraud. I honestly fear for the safety of Dianne’s children.
    Oh, I lied. I have another problem with that page – Bringing the kids into it. Shame on every single person who thinks that’s okay. I rarely flag anything (because unlike the so-called journalist, I actually like freedom of speech for everyone, not just for those who agree with me), but I flagged every post that pulled the kids into it. Going to a kid’s FB page just to make screenshots for a blood thirsty mob? Sad. Even more sad is that most of these people are mothers themselves. As mothers, we are supposed to protect children, not throw them to the wolves.
    I don’t agree with Dianne’s actions whatsoever. I have zero tolerance for scam artists. However, it is not up to me to decide the scammer’s fate. That’s what we have the legal system for. If Tyler Cox truly wants to prosecute injustice, perhaps he should switch careers.

    Thank you Nicole for writing this article!

    • October 1, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      Hello Ubee,

      You have stated exactly what so many people have been massaging about. Thank you for your comment.

      All the best to you,


  • October 3, 2015 at 2:18 am

    OK so I agree with the mob mentality somewhat. You say no one was really victimized by what Dianne did. Let me give you a side no one else has.
    I read the article the morning it came out and I was so touched by her story. I was right there with her. I lived with fat shaming(real fat shaming) for a long time. It’s unbearable and no one ever considered here is a 57 year old woman who lived with both bad knees for years and while she was once active and fit suddenly she gained the weight because she could no longer walk or run or really move too much at all. No one knew my past on my 23 years in an abusive marriage, how I had been thrown from a moving car and had my back broke and fused. Pain was my life.
    Here is the real clincher though, it wasn’t just random people but also my own mom, who was over weight herself and my 2 sisters. They all named me Hogina. I lived with that for years. And then my mom passed,. we had a family get together to say good bye. Myself, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. They waited till I left for family photos.. I was too fat. What I had lived through didn’t matter, just that I was fat. So I opted for weight loss surgery. Well it went horribly wrong, I had a pre existing blood condition that no one had found. I ended up with blood clots in my liver and 2 days later my arteries ruptured. I lost 8 pints of blood and died on the table, somehow they revived me and in ICU I was given 8 pints of blood and felt so blessed to see my children and grandchildren waiting. I was so sick for months with Drs in and out of my home all day and a piccline and feeding tube. I mean I really went through hell. But now I am honestly 154 pounds lighter, still struggling with blood clots but now I am a size 6 -8 depending on the clothes. I documented every minute of every day with my friends on facebook. I have before and after pics,. pics of the piccline,. pics in ICU and most recently as the clots tear apart I have had 3 mini strokes which I have pics of!! I live day to day now on so much coumadin and meds to keep me alive. I can no longer work and I survive. So in a sense when I 1st read her story I thought we had sort of a bond. I went to friend her thinking she must be like me, been through so much. But there was no fat pics ever. In all her photos from 2011 (I think that was the date) to recent she never ever battled weight! I was like what? So I went on to look at her page as I had sent her a friend request. I saw her wall where she herself attacked over weight people, mentally challenged children, blacks, Jewish people in fact anyone and everyone she could! I saw with my own eyes!! Not to mention she had started the “Buy Dianne a cup of coffee” GoFundMe page. Where she was claiming she wanted to buy a vet a cup of coffee. But these are people she also attacked with distasteful memes of 911!! I quickly withdrew my friend request and while I did not make screen shots, I wish I would have now I was so disgusted! And at 1st I was not a fan of the set the record straight page I quickly became one when I saw she was starting more and more GoFundMe accounts and playing hero. She had no right!! Now let me pose this to you.. if she lied so easily about the weight loss, the pain etc… and no one at the coffee shop remembers her.. doesn’t common sense ring in that duh she lied about the whole damn thing?
    I in some way felt betrayed,. maybe you don’t get it but I do. I never ever have started a GoFundMe, I never will! That is in my opinion for families with children facing cancer etc.. And although I am now terminally ill, I am an able bodied woman who can make her own way and not abuse what a wonderful thing GoFundMe can and should be. She dirtied that as well. If it’s so easy for one woman to con, how many others are out there and how many minds has that crossed and now how many children will suffer because people have become jaded due to her. And there is where the real crime is and why she should be outted. She not only hurt people like me who felt betrayed because here is a woman who claimed to be hurt by fat shaming and turned out to be the bully using our real life struggles to try and fraud innocent people out of their money, but she also hurt countless others because so many people will stop before they donate now and have to wonder if this is the same scam she pulled. If a lynch mob is what it takes to teach her right from wrong then so be it. Someone needs to out her and I wish these people luck.

    • October 3, 2015 at 6:30 am

      Hello Gina,

      First of all I would like to say that I am very sorry for the pain and suffering that you have endured, no one should have to endure that.

      Second I would like for you to point out where exactly I have stated that no one was victimized by her, because I never said that. She could very well be a fraud, I do not know. My issue is the online bullying that this page so obviously is! What I did say was that the mob mentality and lynch mob was not the way to handle this. It is still bullying.

      An open dialogue, and contacting authorities would suffice, not public shame and systematic public destruction of this woman who may very well be a fraud. Leave it to the authorities to figure out, take your concerns up with them and Go Fund Me. She obviously may have made poor choices, we don’t have to, we can choose to make better ones.

      As for people being jaded against helping others due to this particular case, I like to think there are still kind people in this world that will help, she hasn’t tainted everyone on Earth to stop helping those who need help.

      “Outing her” solves nothing, leave that to the authorities and use your passion to spread kindness.

      Best to you,


  • October 3, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Nicole I pray you are right about people being jaded. I do know that I will always make sure it is legit from here on. And you say public shaming isn’t the way to go. Well isn’t it true that even the bible says an eye for an eye? Did she not publicly shame me and everyone else else that fights with something she views as inadequate? Isn’t it true that the best way to teach is by example? So the bully got bullied, now she can see what pain her actions brought to others. Maybe this will be a great way to make her understand how awful it is for the people she has hurt. I would love to see the authorities step in. This is indeed a crime because she used false testimony for personal gain and I am sure GoFundMe has record of all it. But maybe, just maybe the best lesson she can learn is to be in the shoes of the bullied. I want to thank you for your kind response and wish you well.

  • October 20, 2015 at 12:49 am

    The point of our page has been lost. Defamatory statements, saying I, Tyler Cox incited bullying, threatened, or leafed through her children’s profile’s for information on their Mother is false and won’t be spread again. Secondly, claims of being a “wanna-be”, or “supposed” Journalist cannot continue. I am in fact, enrolled in a Journalism program, and cannot allow such lies to be attached to Tyler Cox’s name. He’s a bully, is he? Hmm. Never heard that before.
    Lastly, people are saying “Tyler Cox admitted to making fake pages in Dianne’s Name”. No he did NOT, would not, and won’t. Who ever made that bold claim will be reprimanded until they can be certain to not repeat their mistakes.

    The page will be terminated when the entire universe, is aware of the story’s “turn in events”. You’ll note Ms. Hoffmeyer’s page is still getting praise; she is still being offered fringe benefits for her “kindly” act. This also cannot continue.

    -Thanking you for your understanding in this matter,

    -Tyler Stuart Cox

    • October 20, 2015 at 5:24 am

      Hello Tyler,

      I really am sorry that you take such great offence to statements being made about you. I agree, it is hurtful, yet you allow those awful things to be stated about others on the page that you run. Maybe show the same courtesy to others that you would wish others would show you? After I wrote this blog I was attacked by followers of your page simply for writing my opinion, and it was not only condoned, but those coming to my defense, and the blogs were quickly banned from your page as were many others disagreeing with your opinions.

      To throw words such as “defamatory” around without properly investigating what you are allowing to stay on your page seems a bit satirical in nature.

      I allowed your comment to appear on this blog only to point out the fact that you are still, after all this time, trying to be judge, jury and executioner:

      “The page will be terminated when the entire universe, is aware of the story’s “turn in events”. You’ll note Ms. Hoffmeyer’s page is still getting praise; she is still being offered fringe benefits for her “kindly” act. This also cannot continue.”

      I hope one day you realize that this is not the way to get anything accomplished.

      Thanking you for your understanding in this matter,


  • October 20, 2015 at 5:14 am


    I have removed Dianne’s comments at her request as the bullying has started up again due to her finally speaking out. The page in question and it’s admin has encouraged the followers to come to the blog and leave their opinions, I welcome them all. however, I will not tolerate their bullying here on my blog.

    Be well, treat each other with kindness,


  • October 20, 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Tyler Cox “Icon” Enough said. Trying to make a name for himself by continuously trying to bash a woman who is NOBODY. Leave it alone already!! Pick a different topic to “impress” your professors. This isn’t going to get you an A on your self inspired assignment. It’s over Mr Cox. The Dianne Hoffmeyer story has expired. Move on. Nobody cares anymore. You’d think that the lack of comments on your “hate page” would be enough proof that NOBODY. CARES!!!!! I’ll give you credit, you started out pretty strong, but in the end, most of us just saw you as a monster yourself. A cyber bully. Posting her phone number. Encouraging people to call and threaten her. Who does that? That’s not what respected journalists do! You went about this all wrong and because of that, you’ve gained more haters than followers. That’s all I have to say. Go ahead and post this on your stupid page. I’ve got nothing to hide and ESPECIALLY nothing to be ashamed of. Leave Dianne Hoffmeyer alone. She’s an amazing person and a very dear friend of mine and enough is enough. Rant over. Have a nice day.

    • October 21, 2015 at 10:27 am

      Hello Leah,

      Thank you for responding.

      I too saw the comments where Mr Cox tried to get his followers to call Dianne and her family, I actually took screenshots of it. I am appalled that Facebook would continue to allow this page to run. I do hope that Dianne is doing well, and it’s a shame that she was again targeted by leaving comments here, so I did in good faith delete them, not before that page posted word for word what was said. Lynch Mob, indeed.

      Thank you, best to you


  • October 20, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    “The point of our page has been lost”, I just left your page and saw many comments left by the ‘mobbers’ like yourself, that even they have had enough of this witch hunt. I still don’t get what you are wanting or expecting to accomplish. LOL. Me thinks you have taken it upon yourself, Tyler, to expose what you see as a wrong, I don’t know, but who made you the moral police? Have you looked at YOUR page? The name calling etc…YES, you did post her phone number, then quickly deleted but not before you encouraged them to CALL. And record it. Everyone saw it. You are really one to talk. This is truly a pot/kettle situation.

    I don’t know if she lied about the coffee or not, but even if she did, whats it to YOU, exactly? You are a Canadian, isn’t there some social injustice there you can run after? Did you campaign any, as you just had an election? Or do you only care about a coffee? There is NO fraud. There IS a lot of bullying though on your page, though I see its only you now and two or three more.

    And why exactly do you care if people GIVE anything to anyone? I seriously think you need to really look at what you are doing, you ARE a bully. I can certainly call you that because you banned me from your page for simply disagreeing. I did NOT ban you from mine when I posted this blog and a few of YOUR page members came by and left comments. You need to step back maybe. Get a new project.

    Gina Thomas
    A Day In the Life of Gina

    • October 21, 2015 at 10:25 am

      Thank you, Gina

      I know we were both targets of this bullying from this page and the followers once this blog went live. Mob mentality indeed. I think people would be better served using that passion for helping others, doing something for their community, not trying to destroy a woman who has admitted and apologized for mistakes made. it’s saddening and sickening.



  • October 20, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    I can’t believe he is continuing this still. The bullying has started all over again for her? It is horrible. I can see the more other people move on from this the more Tyler Cox gets hostile. He is completely obsessed with Dianne and her life. He has copied and pasted the entire thread on his stupid page for people to get fired up again. He is a disgusting human being and has taken this and run through the mud with it.

  • October 21, 2015 at 12:29 am

    Admin(Tyler) welcomes all feedback on your site, but will not continue to redirect our page’s followers to your site. Also, the plot has thickened as of TODAY. with both Dianne & a friend of her’s confessing to controversial charges when put on the “hot seat”-esque platform the ‘Set The Record Straight About Dianne Hoffmeyer’ sort of strived for.

    You are welcome to check out the recent findings, and of course, also have the option to keep your head in the sand. Hiding Dianne’s comments suggests you questioned their authenticity perhaps? Food for thought.

    Lastly, Tyler Cox(Admin) doesn’t need a faceless coffee woman to make a name for himself. He has his own merit. 😉

    Best wishes to you and yours;

    All my love;


    • October 21, 2015 at 10:22 am


      You keep pointing out the entire point of my blog by your comments. I guess I should say thank you for not continuing to redirect your page’s followers to Psych Central as we are a well established and well respected site, however, this mud slinging just proves the entire point of my blog.

      Her charges are indeed public record and you touting them all over your page in order to humiliate and destroy her still falls under the category of cyber bullying when your only means are to destroy and humiliate.

  • November 21, 2018 at 10:21 am

    Please vView ‘Michael Huke’ on YouTube, assault a 71 year old who had inocently parked on the road outside his house. The incident was reported to the police who declined to investigate (despite numerous requests).
    After 12 weeks someone uploaded the video onto YouTube, weeks later the bystander who had witnessed and videoed the incident was arrested at his place of work, charged with harassment as the video discredited Michael Huke before his staff at Lloyds Bank. 2 or 3 hours later the 71 year old was arrested at home with the same charge. Both were released later in the day without charge.
    23 other incidents of harassment by Michael Huke have been reported to the police over a 2 year period, including dangerous driving, anti-social behaviour, assault etc. Michael Huke has been served with 4 ‘cease and desist’ letters (to my knowledge) one for trespass, he signed an ABC (acceptable behaviour contract) for the Local Authority Anti-social team, he was prosecuted for allowing his dog to defecate on the highway outside a neighbour’s property.
    It would realy be appreciated if you might forward to freinds and colleagues, hopefuly some may have influence to bring about a ceasation of this mans behaviour!


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