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The Moon and Our Moods


So much research has been done regarding the lunar effect and whatever your belief may be regarding it, I’m going to share a little of my experience on this appropriately special night. Tonight is The Super Blood Moon Eclipse and we haven’t had one of those since 1982 and wont see one again until 2033. As I type this on my deck, I have the most amazing view of this stunning lunar display when I look to my right. It is a sight to behold.

Before you stop reading, click on the links above and familiarize yourself with a few of the related studies. They are fascinating. When I worked in an extended care facility, you could ask anyone who worked there – regardless of whether they were in administration (okay maybe not them) but anyone on the floor from nurses to doctors on call, all the way to our maintenance staff, and everyone in between – when the next full moon was and they would tell you what day fell three days before. Why? We all knew without a doubt that three days before the full moon our residents’ home was about to start getting very loud and very hectic. And it was also when staff injuries would increase.

I worked in a locked ward with residents who lived with dementia. Sometimes during a full moon we called in extra staff because things got odd quickly. I loved my job, but the shifts during the full moon were always a challenge. Do I believe in the lunar effect? Absolutely.

You know Murphy’s Law? It applied every single time there was a full moon; we were prepared, never prepared enough. Ask any nurse or ER doctor if they believe that a full moon affects people and let me know in the comments section below what they say. Have you ever had the misfortune of being in an ER during a full moon?

I cycle with the seasons, but I definitely notice subtle shifts with the moon. Maybe because I am so aware of how others are affected because of the work I did for so long.

Some people believe that there is a lot of energy out there and in a lunar eclipse such as this one, that energy can affect us. I’d like to know your thoughts. Does the full moon, or something as significant as this moon and eclipse, have any effect on your moods, or is it all just hokey nonsense?

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The Moon and Our Moods

Nicole Lyons

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