Social Media Injustice



lynch mob



a group of people who condemn and punish a person without a fair trial“      He claimed that they had been the victims of a racist lynch mob.”

a group of people who criticize someone severely and try to bring about the person’s downfall“      Something approaching a lynch mob has been gathering against the Chancellor for even daring to consider higher interest rates.”,


The Power of Empowering


There are countless opportunities to lift someone’s spirits, boost their confidence, and acknowledge their effort, and too often these moments go unnoticed. Sometimes we get so busy or so wrapped up in our own lives that we fail to recognize the accomplishments that others are achieving.


Let’s Slow Down


I have been fighting off a flu bug for the past few days so I’ve been taking it pretty easy and I’m finally starting to feel great again.


Learning To Love Yourself


I just had the most amazing weekend with my siblings and their families. We clocked hours by the fire reminiscing about our childhood while we watched all of our children playing together.