About Steven Pace

Steven Pace is a former research assistant at Cape Breton University in Nova Scotia, Canada. His post-secondary education began at St. Francis Xavier University (also in Nova Scotia) in 2000, but he was forced to withdraw after two full years due to increasing mental distress.

Originally diagnosed with major depression, Steven spent many years searching for the root of his psychological issues. This search naturally led to the continuation of his studies, with a renewed focus and interest in the human mind. Ten years later he received a more accurate diagnoses of bipolar type II disorder, as well as a Bachelor of Science (Major Psychology) from the same university that now employs him.

To the Edge and Back is a blog about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of day-to-day life with a very peculiar psychological impairment. Steven Pace says that he is capable of tremendous achievements in a variety of fields on any given day. However, due to the chaotic and disruptive nature of his affliction, he fears that he may never be able to maintain a consistent level of productivity that would allow him to be recognized as a contributing member of society. This blog will share bits of his journey, past and present, as Steven attempts to learn about mental disorders, society, and ultimately his self.

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