Pet Ways to Ease Stress
with Jessica Loftus, Ph.D. & Jack Murray

Ease Stress

Laughter: A Dog’s Best Friend for Easing Stress

You humans need to lighten up. Sure, life poses many serious challenges, but you awfulize way too much. Find the humor in daily life. Take it from me, Ron Tickles, there is no better comedy than watching humans and their pets right at home. Besides being great fun, laughter ranks as one of the best remedies for easing stress.


Penelope’s Sneaky Maneuvers for Avoiding White Coat Stress

Ever since I was a tiny kitty living in that miserable shelter, I hated going to the vet. No matter the color of the vet’s coat, all that prodding and poking during an office visit unsettles my normal sense of aloof calm.  Afterward, I always have to endure some awful medicine in my eyes, ears, nose or mouth. When I had a bad reaction to a vaccination, I meowed, “That’s it!  I protest! No more Vet!”

Ease Stress

Common Senses: Sparky’s Five Tips to Ease Stress

My name is Sparky. It’s an honor to launch this new blog, “Pet Ways to Ease Stress,” which features prominent members of the pet community offering their insights on how to ease stress. Each week, pet colleagues from households, zoos and parks will share their stories of coping with life challenges related to work, health and the most difficult stressor – dealing with humans!