Pet Ways to Ease Stress
with Jessica Loftus, Ph.D. & Jack Murray


Dear Abuser: 15 Wishes for the Holidays

Living in an abusive household hurts most during the holiday season. Drunken episodes, physical altercations and humiliating verbal assaults severely dampen the joyful holiday spirit. Here is an abused pet’s wish list for this holiday season.


Ease Stress by Expressing Gratitude for 7 Things

During this week of Thanksgiving, a time to reflect on gratitude, a psychologist describes her waiting-room intervention to encourage clients to focus their attention more on gratitude.  Expressing gratitude for these seven things not only ease stress, but improve mood as well. 


An Apple a Day Keeps the Stress Away

If it’s true that stress kills, nature throws the simple apple our way as a real lifesaver from the waves of despair. Holding a shiny, red apple before feeding it to my horse, Jackson, I ponder the purity of this timeless snack and remember back to my days growing up on a farm.