Pet Ways to Ease Stress
with Jessica Loftus, Ph.D. & Jack Murray


Chocolate: The Best Stress Easer at Easter

Question: What’s the tastiest Easter treat to ease stress?  Answer: the raw carrots left for the Easter Bunny. Wrong! The correct answer, per this chocolate devotee, is the delicious milk-chocolate bunny; the iconic Easter treat.


Ease Dieting Stress: 7 Simple Suggestions

Stress causes obesity in many ways. Day-to-day stress increases hunger, especially for those tasty carbs, and fats that promote weight gain. Unfortunately, cutting those carbs and fats can also cause stress and increase hunger, promoting a vicious cycle of overeating. Here are tips inspired by our feathered friends.


Happily Ever After: A Furry Tail Romance

It was love at first fight. Contentedly single and the sole object of my owner’s attention, I resented the arrival of a tiny kitty princess in my castle. But even as she clawed me while I bit her tail, I knew we were destined to live happily ever after.