Dysfunction Interrupted-Stop Spanking Now!

There are many ways that we perpetuate generational cycles of emotional dysfunction, some are blatant like outright traumatic abuse, name calling or being emotionally neglectful. Others are more subtle, but no less damaging.

"Its just a tap on the butt", "I just slap his hand",...


Resistance in Therapy-Why You May Not Be Getting Better

Resistance in therapy and therapeutic relationships is not a new concept.  It has been present in one form or the other since people started talking to others about changing their behavior and feeling differently. It has been widely studied in professional and academic literature...


Are You Stuck in the Blame Game?

Anxiety, depression and chronic anger are very difficult states to carry around. They make you feel helpless, frustrated, lonely and often not knowing where to turn for help. You may have already sought professional help of many kinds, only to have it not quite...


Beat the Narcissist-Tap Into Your Own Inner Sociopath

Narcissism has become a widely discussed topic and is also a recognized personality disorder and everyday there are a plethora of articles pertaining to the narcissistic personality and how to recognize it.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you already know that there...