Attachment and Success

Last week I discussed how to raise a securely attached child while working full time and building your own business. I believe it is clear to the reader the benefits of being securely attached. What may not be clear is how your own attachment style actually affects your work style. Usually attachment is discussed in terms of relationships and child rearing, but these very thought patterns or “schemas” that you develop invade every part of your...


Does Perfectionism Slow You Down?

Do you ever feel like things are just not good enough, to the point you have a hard time completing tasks? One word isn’t right, the image not quite what you hoped, something doesn’t look quite right?

This causes you to spend valuable time on...


Raising a Securely Attached Child

Attachment theory is receiving much attention lately in all aspects of life including relationships, work and of course, parenting. Attachment is defined as a special emotional relationship that invokes an exchange of comfort, care and pleasure. These early experiences have important influence on the...


Fearful Success

We all have fear to some degree, sometimes it grips you and you feel you may never get out of its grasp, other times it just nibbles at you. It is always able to make it’s presence known, making you feel nervous, edgy or...


The Downside of Support Groups

After listening to clients for years talk about their experiences with support groups for depression or anxiety I have made a decision that in many cases they are not as helpful as one might think.

I am specifically talking about groups for these two difficulties and not including those groups created for grief or loss support, chronic mental illness or physical illness, although some of the same negative features can apply.

In my teachings...


A Psychological Equation for Eliminating Depression, Anxiety, Anger and More

Depression has the power to rob you of all possible joy, and those of you who are suffering from any form of depression know that it can affect every area of your life.

Family, productivity, career and social relationships become caught up in the downward spiral of mood and energy and render you feeling helpless. Sadness, hopelessness and a general lack of interest in life can be close behind.

Not surprisingly, depression is one of the most common...


5 Reasons You May Be Underachieving

Nothing is more depressing than feeling like you have worked hard and your efforts have gone to waste. Or that you started out in life with great hopes for success and now feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere.

Dysfunctional backgrounds often don’t lend themselves to...