The Big Five Of Dysfunctional Relationships

Have you ever found yourself in a new relationship that feels like “Been there, done that?”

You think you have found a great new partner, then it turns out they are essentially the last partner but with a different name, face and job. You may...


The Most Critical Tool for Emotional Success

Congratulations if you are reading this because you have decided to rid yourself of unnecessary and heavy emotional baggage.

The first technique that you will need to learn as you start to unburden yourself of emotional baggage is what is called “self soothing”. This involves...


Emotional Baggage 101

We have all heard that we should rid ourselves of toxic relationships, think positively, eliminate negativity, be self-confident and believe in ourselves in order to be happy and successful. And don’t forget the biggie, “stop being afraid”.

This is all true and sounds great, but...


5 Ways to Tell if You Are Carrying Emotional Baggage

We hear the word “baggage” all the time in relation to our emotional selves. What does that mean specifically, to be carrying around emotional baggage? Where does this “baggage” come from?

“Baggage” refers to all the dysfunctional thinking and behavioral patterns we may be carrying...


Welcome to Dysfunction Interrupted

So many us live a life stuck in the past with our emotional baggage weighing us down. We can't get over a past failure or hurt -- in a relationship, at work, with a close friend -- and we feel that failure or hurt every day of our lives.

We also don't realize that this baggage we carry may have been something learned in childhood or as a young adult. Some dysfunctional pattern that is...