The Downside of Support Groups

After listening to clients for years talk about their experiences with support groups for depression or anxiety I have made a decision that in many cases they are not as helpful as one might think.

I am specifically talking about groups for these two difficulties and not including those groups created for grief or loss support, chronic mental illness or physical illness, although some of the same negative features can apply.

In my teachings...


A Psychological Equation for Eliminating Depression, Anxiety, Anger and More

Depression has the power to rob you of all possible joy, and those of you who are suffering from any form of depression know that it can affect every area of your life.

Family, productivity, career and social relationships become caught up in the downward spiral of mood and energy and render you feeling helpless. Sadness, hopelessness and a general lack of interest in life can be close behind.

Not surprisingly, depression is one of the most common...


5 Reasons You May Be Underachieving

Nothing is more depressing than feeling like you have worked hard and your efforts have gone to waste. Or that you started out in life with great hopes for success and now feel like you haven’t gotten anywhere.

Dysfunctional backgrounds often don’t lend themselves to...


Are You Really Bipolar?

Bipolar disorder is receiving much attention in the media and is more frequently diagnosed today by mental health specialists than ever before.

Toddlers who do not sleep well are labeled Bipolar, young children with temper tantrums are Bipolar, husbands who get angry are Bipolar, wives...


Locus of Control and Depression


The concept of locus of control is huge and defines how you approach almost everything in life.  It is a thinking style that refers to how you perceive the cause of life’s events. Do you believe that your destiny is controlled by you...


Attachment-What’s Your Style?

Those from dysfunctional backgrounds or families often have developed attachment difficulties, usually as a defense mechanism to protect their psyche from further emotional damage.

Your attachment style often dictates the quality of your current love life. Who you choose and how you choose can often...